Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today I am grateful for.. - Day 4

Wow I’m already on Day 4 and I love it so much. It really is good fun and a great mood booster :) Why don’t you try it out yourself(if you haven't started it yet)? If you don’t have a blog you can write in the facebook group

1) There are some people with whom even if you don't talk for a long time, when you connect with them again you just pick from where you left as if it were yesterday that you last spoke. Today after I came home and found this old friend online. We haven't met for about 10 years and completely lost touch for some 3-4 years. He is now in UK and I felt so nice to reconnect with him :)

2) Today Sid and I sat together and finalized this year’s long trip - The vibrant Rajasthan. We had booked the flight tickets few weeks back and were in the process of deciding the stay and commute. Now waiting for Oct end... :)

3) Today got the info about the next cycling event this weekend. This looks lil tougher than the moonlight ride. But who's complaining? We are for it :)

4) I learned that there are some fans for my adopted pet sheep who likes to pat and feed her :P And for those of you who hate her sound, the mute button comes in handy ;)

5) And looks like my day is never complete without a delicacy and what best other than a scrumptious black forest cake? No wonder that I have all size zero obsessed clothes ;)


Tall Girl in Japan said...

wow ! Rajasthan ! I am sure you will love it.
To be honest when I visited ur blog for the first time,I cldnt figure out what the sound was ! Then I discovered your pet sheep :)

soorya said...

My first time in ur blog..
really felt inspired reading through it as im a new kid in the blogosphere :)

Dewdrop said...

Wow, Rajasthan :) Enjoy the trip !!! Click many many pics.

Dhanya said...

@ Ruchira : Yeh me waiting for the trip :) and hope my sheep didn't irritate u with it's sound ;)

@ soorya : Thanks soorya and I hope you enjoy your stay in the blogoshpere :)

@ Dewdrop : Yes yes.. can't wait to be oct :)