Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eternal Worrier !!!

Have you come across them? I guess most of the mom's fall in this category and mine leads the flock!! I think they just loves to worry about anything and everything. Mine even goes to the extend that if she doesn't get anything she just creates something and worries about that imaginary problem.. If I'm little late for the train she starts worrying that I will miss the train. Btw late means I left 55 mins before than the recommended 1 hr (and the dist bn my house and railway station is just 1.5 km that can be covered in less than 10 mins).. I have an endless list like this.. Here is the latest..

Conversation that happened yesterday.
Me : Amma I'll be going to Chennai on Sunday. Will be back on Monday.
Amma : Chennai?
Me : Yes
(Worrying starts)
Amma : Why do you have to go? How will you go? Will there be anyone to help? .....
(I don't remember all the questions now)
Me : I don't have the details yet. Will call you once I get it.

Today early morning.
(She wouldn't have slept for sure)
Amma : Are you really going to Chennai?
Me (wondering whether I missed telling her) : Yes. My tickets are confirmed.
Amma : Will someone be there to help?
Me : My Finnish counterparts will also be there. But they are driving down and is staying in a different hotel. I didn't get bookings in that hotel.
Amma : That means you are traveling and staying alone?
Me : What is the problem? I have the tickets and hotel booked. Pick up and drop from airport is also arranged.
Amma : How will you know who is going to come to pick you up?
Me : It will be a cab of course and it's arranged by the office travel agent.
Amma : But what if you get into a wrong cab? Chennai is a bad place. Not safe. Someone else can come and pick you. You don't know the place at all.. How will you know that they are taking you to the correct place?
Me : Ammaaaa this is not the first time I am traveling.
Amma : It's not like how you have travel alone abroad. Nor like how you travel around with friends for trips..
(and the worrying continues with things like how will you eat? , How will you stay alone in the hotel? etc etc. )

OMG I never imagined a simple client visit can get this complicated. I know she is not going to sleep till I'm back on Monday! Now if you thought this is only for cases where I'm traveling alone.. Sorry you are mistaken.. There will be umpteen reasons for others as well - language , food, terrorists, climate , new place , new people,..
What to do? Any remedies?

PS: There are lots of people who asked me why I was missing in action. There was no specific reason. Just didn't feel like writing :) May be that's blogger's block.( i.e If having a blog makes me a blogger :D)