Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Bouquet Of Wishes...


I couldn't be more happier at the moment but with a tint of sadness as well. It indeed is a strange thing when you can be so happy and so sad at the same time and I know this feeling is not new. I have had it before when my childhood friend got married few years back. I was so happy for her for the new life that she was entering but sad at the same time coz the good times we shared right from the age of 4 will not be the same. Now it's time for another dear friend to step in the same line.

I used to think you can never be so close to anyone as your childhood friends and she changed that norm completely. We became so close in such a short time that I really surprised myself (as I have a notorious tag of being an emotional brick wall among my friends). More than a friend she became my soul sister, thanks to her unconditional acceptance and the silent support. I never failed to get an SMS from her on Saturdays 12 noon asking 'whatz up' and she never knew what it meant to me to know that there is someone checking up on me on a regular basis. Whenever we both were in town, invariably we caught up for dinner which mostly followed a night out at either of our places. Things that we did together - our small trips, our supposedly "let's do it regularly" weekend cycling, day long shopping's (which both of us hated but had to do), our serious and not so serious discussions about life and what's in store and our common interest which was children. Also how can I forget her persuasiveness on many things which I wouldn't have done otherwise (Yeah she is the one who took me to the theater after a 22 yrs long gap). There are many more sweet memories that keep flashing in front...

So dear, as you embark on this new journey of a lifetime, may you have the bestest of everything and the happiest marriage ever. May this be a beautiful beginning of a wonderful life and wishing that it is a new beginning for the hopes and dreams you hold dear coz someone like you who is such a great soul should have the lasting happiness you so well deserve... Stay blessed always!