Friday, January 08, 2021

Hope filled New Year


We are already a week into the New Year and I guess the only word that can describe everyone's feelings is 'Hope'

Last year when I wrote , "Anyways the 2020s are here, and with this brand new decade come new challenges and some new opportunities that will change the way we live", I did not expect the kind of challenges that it would bring in. I guess the biggest change for most of us is that we now have a before and after lives - a life that was carefree and another where we need to hide behind a mask to safeguard our health.
2020 has been an emotionally testing and turbulent time, for almost all of us.  However, it was so unique and I consider it as one of the best I ever had. Here are some silver linings 

  1. Owing to the pandemic, it was impossible for any plans to be executed for many months. I usually fret even for a slight deviation in the plans I have worked out in my head. Covid taught me to drop the expectations and take tiny steps with discipline and consistency - one day at a time and see where it takes. 
  2. This is the year where I finally took the plunge to leave the corporate life behind and pursue my dreams. Though it got a bit delayed, the firm is finally registered and I am hoping for the operations to begin soon 😊
  3. Lockdown was the keyword in 2020 when almost all the countries across the world had to implement it. It happened during our planned relocation. I had my corporate exit on March 31st and the one month that followed was the most relaxing time I have ever had in my life - a big relief from conf calls/meetings/reviews/targets/milestones and what not. Probably a time I watched the most TV ever in my life. Binge watched Netflix and even saw a lot of movies too.
  4. To be back in the house you grew up - whenever we planned the shift, we had thought of moving back to Ram's place as it has a Machu (family temple) which needs to be tended to daily. But Covid stalled our renovation plans there and we are at my childhood home and who can be more  happier 😉
  5. As we have a nonagenarian at home, we are extremely careful in going out. The only place that we have been last few months is the grocery store. So to break the monotony, we have developed an occasional hobby - plant shopping. Also I am getting more than enough time to spend with my plants which gives me so much joy 💗
  6. I am so so grateful for the health and safety of my dear and near ones especially when we know healthy days are a luxury these days. It is scary especially when there are casualties in your close circle itself.
I did have my fair share of disappointments - not being able to travel tops the list. That was one of the main activates we had planned once I quit. Second is not being able to meet my family and friends in person especially when I was deliberately avoiding online communication and doing personal meetups. Hopefully we will be able to overcome these challenges in the New Year. Let us Hope that the New Year is different in a good way.  Do let me know how was your 2020 and what are you looking forward  2021 in the comments.

PS: Do let me know if you are seeing any layout issue for the post. Apologies to my subscribers as you would have got multiple mails when I was posting and reposting for the last 2 days. Maybe pandemic effected the blog too 😵