Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yes that's what I am feeling when I come back to this space. Thanks a lot for your concerns and queries. I am very much fine :) I guess this is the longest I have stayed away from my blog. There were so many things happening in my life - some personal losses , some unfortunate incidents - all of them drained my energy and kind of kept me in my cocoon. But then I felt I need to fight back and come back to normal life.. So here I am ready to bounce back :)

And the news update from my end is that I'm finally going to one of my dream destinations in India - Valley of Flowers. As such flowers are my weakness and I try to shoot each n every one that comes my way. Then how can I resist a valley full of flowers? From the time I read about this place years ago, I dreamt of going there. Four years back when we booked tickets to Delhi and was contemplating on where to go, my first choice was VoF. But everyone else vetoed it and we ended up in Leh. Not that I am complaining, but it was one chance lost. Even after that whenever I brought out the VoF topic, my friends were like 'If you want to see flowers we'll go to Lal Bagh. ' All of them felt the 54 kms trek just to see some wild flowers is not worth it. So I didn't have any hopes when I brought the topic this time also. And as expected it was zero response from my usual gang. So I decided to venture out alone and went ahead and registered with the group that organizes this trek regularly. Luckily two more friends have also joined now. Anyway now the flights, hotels and all are booked and I am one more step closer to my dream :)