Monday, April 07, 2008


I was reading Mathew's post and later saw this mail. First I thought it's a funny forward, but apparently it's a real application and his resume is also attached!!!
It's been sent to 320 recipients, all in the To list.

So here is the mail that I got as it is for your kind prusal and hope he here from u soon.

Dear Sir

Please find attached my detailed resume for your kind prusal.

Presently Iam working with Namaskar Travel, Murgab, Kuwait as a Messenger

Hope to here from you soon.

Thanking you

Very truly your
***** *****
Tel: ######

And and excerpt from the resume

Long-term or permanent, progressive position with an organization where present skills can be expanded upon and professional growth is the result of demonstrated ability. Presently Working in Kuwait.

I wouldn't have felt so weird if the person was not qualified enough. But apparently he is an automobile engineer. Is our educational system so bad?


mathew said...

hahaha..that kind of 'objective' is very common in apprisal reports too!!!

how much we meddle with words to make complete nonsense out of it!

Anonymous said...

congrats! u can start consulting business now!

on a serious note ... i've been getting these kinds of mails too, but mostly from freshers looking for their first break. not sure why this guy found it difficult to get a job ... not getting a job can be a very frustrating experience!

Nikhil Narayanan said...


if u havent seen these 2 links

check maadi....

Enikkum oru joli venam aayirunnu ;) valla chance undo mashey??
Madiyan aanu athre ullu, nalla budhhiyaa LOL!!!

Mahalingesh said...


Out of curiosity, i tried finding meaning of 'prusal' ( I know it is misspelled it is perusal. I found first link on web i.e., is your blog :) :) :)

This is common may bcoz people are running, technology is ruining...

Comment on education system appears little heavy here ;)

Tanuja said...

Hey.. Its the same Tanuja.. I am not regular on the blog.. So saw ur message now.. Dont know when u left it...

Shiekh of Controversy said...


jj said...

funny... prusal, here from you ...

objective- reminded me how i was shocked to see something similar on a friends' resume, totally on professional lines till i took 5 minutes to make sense out of it and another 5 minutes to figure out it was just a khichdi of words!

Usha said...

:D there's something an ex-team mate said when people were tearing blank pages out of his scribble pad. He said : No more tear sheeting!

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

our edu system so bad? it's not just bad. it's tragic.