Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me and my addictions..

The moment I blissfully retire into my cocoon, my fellow bloggers conspire to pull me out of it :( Latest culprit is Usha who has asked me to list down my addictions. Do I really look addicted? hmmmm...

1) Internet : What else can take the No 1 position? This addiction is eating up all my time and even hindering many other creative things that I used to indulge in before. So I am fighting to overcome this. Although I am not that successful in the mission at least I'm not showing any withdrawal symptoms ;)

2) Junk food : Give me anything junk - chocolates, burgers, pizzas, fried stuff,.. I will happily replace any meal with this. Now if u ask is that the reason why I'm bloating up - Not at all. That's hereditary :P

3) Hoarding : Anyone remembering my pandora box ? Although as I grew up there are some slight changes to the things I hoard, the habit more or less remains the same :) The problem with this addiction is that over a period of time it consumes lot of space both in the real and virtual world (what else do u expect with digicams and loads of downloads). Moreover it's taking lot of my time and energy to clean up the spaces.

4) Procrastination : Something that I hate in myself :( Even if I decide to get over this addiction and take up things early enough, Parkinson's Law "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion" comes into effect. So invariably I finish the task just before it's meant to be finished. Then it's time for the next guilt - I took up longer time than needed for the task :)

5) Constancy : This is inspired from Usha's addiction. She seems to be addicted to change where as I am just the opposite. Change in any form is not my cup of tea :) I had written a whole post on how much I hate change here and so no need of any further explanation :)

That's all that I could think of in the time line that I have allocated to myself (Refer point 1). Now you thought I will let you read mine and get away with it? No way. I am passing the baton to everyone who commented in the previous post :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Samir loves Priya.. So?

Does any of you care how they expressed their love and how it stood the test of time? Isn't love a feeling between two people and isn't it sufficient that only both of them know about it? What is the necessity to scribble your names and hearts in stone? And how happy you will be to know that the wall/building you defaced during the early days of your courtship is still defaced by the expression of your love!!

There are very few things that irritate me and the recent Reliance Ad is one of them. I find this ad very stupid and irresponsible. For those who doesn't know, the ad is about a seemingly well-off and well-qualified husband on his way to Simla talking to his wife faraway at home without any disturbance, thanks to Reliance Mobile. As they are reliving their old memories, he reaches the spot where he and his now wife had engraved 'Samir loves Priya' in 1999 and finds that their deed has stood the test of time. The idea is to show that the phone network is strong and stays put even in remote, hilly areas and highways.

But isn't it high time that the ad-makers exhibited some civic sense? As it is our monuments and heritage building are hardly well-preserved. We Indians have an intrinsic habit of scarring anything that we can lay our hands on with love-birds’ hearty expressions - be it monuments, heritage buildings, trees, stones,.. And this ad is just glorifying this age old habit by highlighting it in a romantic and desirable fashion. It is so sad that creative team at the agency could not find any other metaphor to showcase timeless love. What happened to I&B Ministry and Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) who axed many a commercials. Does they find this ad acceptable? Or is it that they don't care about being responsible and conscious about having a clean society? Anyway there is no use just ranting and not acting upon it. So if you also feel the same about this commercial, please complain here : I have no idea how effective it is, but no harm in trying..