Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Beginnings

I know I have been ignoring this space for long, but believe me, I really feel guilty about it. There was a time when I was totally addicted to blogging and the blogging world and struggled to come out of it. But somewhere down the lane, things changed and it became once in a blue-moon affair. But this is the place where I always came back to vent out my emotions and it kind of recorded my life events and feelings. Many people came into my life only because of this small space and have affected my life in ways I would have never expected. So I felt it's unfair not to record it here when another important turning point happened in my life...

Some of you who knows me outside of this blog might already know about it.  Anyways the news is that I got married!!! It's already 6 months now, but the fact remains that it's yet to sink in. Many a times we both wonder how it all happened! For me it really feels odd when I think that this person who was a complete stranger to me till a few months back, has somehow become the reason behind anything that means something in my life right now :)

And as I embark on this new journey, wish me luck and shower your blessings and good wishes please. I need lots and lots of it :)