Sunday, June 29, 2008

A hate post!!

Usha tagged me to list five people whom I hate and I never thought I will take so much time to complete it. Honestly I couldn't think of anyone whom I really hate. Of course I am not a goody goody person, but I do try to look for the good and ignore the bad in people. It's because I believe no one is perfect and I would have much more negatives than what I find in others. As they say when you point one finger at someone, four fingers are pointing back at you.. But since I need to complete the tag I'm listing some characteristics of people that irritates me although I'm pretty indifferent to all these types and believe that even the most annoying of persons can be effectively ignored ;)

1) People who do not respect others time

I always try to be on time whenever I have an appointment or meeting and most of the time I end up waiting for others to turn up !! There are times where I have waited for 2-3 hours and had to change the entire day's plan. This is something that really drives me crazy coz I feel so helpless. You take all the pains to be on time and end up looking like a fool where as the other person just gets away with a lame excuse or a simple emotionless 'Sorry'. Unfortunately this is one case where you are at the receiving end and can't ignore like in any other situations. Anyone has any suggestions to handle this?

2) Fanatics.. irrational people

If I have no business with them I go with the live and let live policy and leave them to live in their false paradise. But if it is something that affects my work or life in anyway I do react. I try to put across my point but as the definition rightly puts it 'they just can't change their mind and won't change the subject'. That's when I really get frustrated and might even loose my temper.

3) People who 'uses' others to get what they want

I have seen this behavior in many forms. There is one category who are experts and consciously do this. If they have something to be done they will suddenly be so friendly and will be calling you or visiting you every now and then. But the moment their work is done they simply vanish into oblivion. Then there are others who tactfully tag along with someone and make sure all their expenses are borne by others. The main quality of them is that they make sure they find the apt bakra's for taking care of them. It's fine for 1-2 or 3-4 or 8-10 times. But I do get irritated if it's eternal.. In fact I am too affrighted to ask or take even small help from friends thinking I might unknowingly fall in this category :)

4) "Delicate darlings"/ People who 'act' childish

This is the one category of girls that you see around everywhere. These types will be perfectly normal in the company of girls, but the moment they see any guy in the vicinity the whole tone changes so much so that sometimes I wonder had they acted in movies, they would have definitely won an Oscar!!
And yes there is one more category of girls who thinks getting married and becoming a baby-producing machine is the ultimate goal in life. But this is minus all the responsibilities associated with a family life. They have seen all the romantic movies and believes that life is all rosy rosy just the way it is portrayed in the films. The only talk that they can sustain is about marriage or about some handsome guy 'they think' is suitable for them! Sometimes I try to put some sense into their head, but it's of no use. Here also I choose to ignore and try to be in some other meaningful company..

5) Eternal cribbers

This kind of people crib about anything and everything - work, people, family, food, infrastructure. You feel tired listening to them.. Many a times I try to change the topic but still they always manage to come back to square one. I choose to avoid them as much as I can..

Wow I am done with the five points :) Now it's time to spread the hate vibes around ;)

I tag

Sini : Would love to listen to her hate list :)
Jo : Haven't seen any new post in her blog. Let this be a trigger ;)
Eashwar : He voluntarily took up the previous tag and I would love to see him do this one also :)
Santosh : I am sure this is a surprise for you. I am just trying to change a fullstop to a semicolon :)
Nanditha : A new friend I found in the blogosphere. I like her blog..

Friday, June 13, 2008

"I ..." Series

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was totally jobless in Office and was desperately looking for some time pass. I have no idea how I reached this space, but the moment I started reading I got hooked to it. This was one of the first links that appeared in my blog. I liked everything about it - the way she presented day to day matters,her attitude towards life,the simplicity of her language,.. There were moments when I could relate, moments where I felt she stole my thoughts and words.. I read and re-read all her posts and became a regular visitor from then on.. With the arrival of her little one, the tone of her blog changed to that of a mama relishing motherhood.. Her chronicles are so real that it's as if Puttachi(that's what the little one is called) is growing in front of our eyes.. Many of her baby posts have made me (rather most of her readers) crave for a baby of our own although she is quick in giving a reality check that life is not all that rosy in the baby-world :) Although I have delurked at times, I was following her blog almost silently and so was pleasantly surprised when she tagged me.. So Shruthi here it is.. I have retained some of the answers which I felt is apt for me also..

I am: different, just like everyone else :)
I think: too much
I know: my limitations
I want: a peaceful life
I have: everything that I need
I wish: I could roam around world without bothering about anything
I hate: deception
I miss: my childhood friends and the happy times we had
I fear: being a burden to anyone
I feel: responsible for all my actions
I hear: only what is needed
I smell: jack fruit (it's in the next room)
I crave: for chocolates any time any day
I search: for myself,but don't know where to start ;)
I wonder: why people unnecessarily complicate things
I regret: nothing. (Every step is a learning experience)
I love: to be busy
I ache: for children suffering for no fault of theirs (esp in cases like divorce or unwedded mothers)
I care: about others more than for myself
I am not: the best,but I try to do my best
I believe: in the goodness of people.
I dance: my own dance
I sing: silently
I cry: only if no one is seeing
I don’t always: try hard enough
I fight: for what I believe is right
I write: so badly, still I write !
I win: if there is no one to compete :)
I lose: if I am convinced I am wrong
I never: go against my values
I always: keep my promises
I confuse: faces and names
I listen: sincerely when people are confiding in me.
I can usually be found: engrossed in some craft works
I am scared: of losing my memory
I need: good companionship
I am happy about: the way things are right now


And now passing the lantern part: I have been collecting tags for some time now. Some of my friends tagged me so long back that even they would have forgotten about their tags ;) So I'm passing this meme to all of them just for an indication that promises will be kept and your tags will appear in this space,sooner or later.. ;)

The list goes like this

Jolly Roger
Amey ( I know two are pending from you :( )

I know an open tag is not usually picked up, still I tag everyone else who would like to take up this tag. Go ahead, it's interesting..

Sunday, June 01, 2008

An autobiography

My name is Sony and I am new to this area. If you are wondering who this is : I'm the guest editor of this blog. The owner of this blog seems to be too busy to give any attention to this bog (I don't think she is that busy - just plain laziness..grrr) Anyway today I decided to revive this space.. But I am in a confusion as to what to write. I haven't written anything ever in my life nor do I know any interesting issues to write about. So thought I'll jot down something about myself and the events that have occurred in my life. What say? So here I am, ready to tell you my story and will do the very best that I can.. Are you people ready to know about me?

I can't remember much during the early days of my life. I just know that I was born on july 4th 1996. My parents are of different origin but I guess Mom
and Dad didn't face much opposition from the family. Anyway when I was born I was like any other baby in this world - totally dependent on mom just like my siblings.. It was all fun - feeding , playing (means fighting with my siblings) and sleeping.. Initially it was more of feeds n sleep but gradually we opened our eyes and started exploring the world on our own..

Life was going on smoothly and one day we got a visitor. He was very friendly and played with us for sometime. While leaving he took me also in a cardboard box. It was my first travel experience and I was a little tensed, but managed it somehow. Our journey ended in a house and the cardboard box carrying me was taken to the car park. As soon as I popped my head out I saw an excited girl in a green top and white midi. hmm that was the first time I saw this girl and we fell in love that very moment.. Later I realized that I was a surprise B'day present for her..

Of course I missed my mom and siblings and cried a lot for the first 1-2 days. But this girl made sure I'm comfortable and soon I got adjusted to my new home. Of course I was very naughty like any other kid of my age. Don't get me wrong. Nothing that serious.. just small small things like hiding slippers, scratching the sofa (don't think they changed the sofa coz of me.I didn't make that much damage), chewing anything that fits into my mouth be it plastic , magazines , papers her text books or photo albums (How am I supposed to know it's very precious). Sometimes I get scoldings or beatings from her for these, but amma was always there for my rescue. She used to tell that all babies are like this and you need to be patient with them. Anyway I continued my pranks and I used to go and hide behind amma or under the Sofa whenever she gets angry..

My day used to start at 5.30 am when acchan opens the door for milk and newspaper. Then I go for a walk in the compound for my morning rituals. After that I used to comeback n sit with acchan. He wasn't very fond of me but used to bear me nevertheless( I'm too cute to resist u see). Acchan normally gives me breakfast and once I am full I'll be restless (read bored). Then I'll go n wake up that lazy girl (Why can't she wake up along with me and play with me. Otherwise I wouldn't have disturbed her na) But that itself was a task- licking her face , rolling her in the bed, climbing over her.. ho a herculean task indeed. Finally she gets fed up n will run to chase me. That's the start of our typical day. These playing and fighting will continue till night except the few hours when she's in the college..

I had fun with her friends too whenever they come home. Some of them were scared of me, but others were very friendly and used to play with me. Some of them used to come home only to meet me. She used to tell that I don't mind her whenever her friends come. Why should I? Anyway I'm seeing her all the time. So any new face is always welcome.. ;) Night I used to sleep in her room. Although I'm not supposed to sleep on the bed, once she falls asleep I do climb up. Why does she want the whole bed for herself?

Days were so peaceful those days. I was slowly changing to a fully grown adult - taller and heavier. Oh btw I forgot to tell you about my romantic interest. He was our next door neighbor. Same origin as me. But what to do? He was tied up by his family and we couldn't proceed. I tried breaking the barriers by walking over the compound wall. But even I was helpless beyond a certain limit and so that relationship faced a tragic end. But I would say this was not as painful as what I had to face in the latter years. I never knew my life would take a 180 degree turn like that...

The changes happened when the girl completed her studies and moved out. There was no one to play with me, no one to talk to me , no one to fight with me. I was very depressed and grew very ferocious out of my frustration. I even stopped eating for many days. Acchan and amma were not able to control me and they had to bring in an official trainer to keep me under control. That guy really tortured me and amma had to intervene and tell him not to come again. Of course by then I also came in terms with the situation. No other way out right? After that my living space was shifted from inside the house to outside the house :( I know we are meant to live outside and guard the house. But again the first few years of luxury had spoiled me so much. hmm all good times come to an end.. Anyway after that I have been a good guard and concentrated on taking care of the house..

Now I feel I am growing old and is in the last stages of my life. I have a growth in the stomach and have difficulty in walking.. To top that last few months were not so happy when acchan passed away. No one told me that but I could sense that. I was so sad and was crying for days. Since I couldn't eat also everyone thought even I would pass away that time itself. Then I realized that my duties have now increased and I should be even more responsible.. Life should move on..

That is all I have to say about myself. Now that you know me whenever you come near my house don't forget to come and say a 'wuf'. I am still fond of friendly new faces.. :)