Monday, July 26, 2010

Today I am grateful for... - Day 3

When I started this series, I was doubtful whether I really have five positives in my uneventful home-office-home routine. I used to feel like all my weekdays are exactly the same and all weekends again the same. But now that I started observing the day’s events more closely I am realizing each day is different and it has quite many things to record even more than the 5 points that I list here. That itself is a positive thought right? ;)

Anyway here comes today’s list

1) My day started with a Temple visit. It used to be my everyday ritual back home since the temple was very near to my house. But after coming to this city, somehow I couldn't identify with the temples here and had almost stopped visiting them. But now I have decided to go at least a couple of times a month. It sure refreshes you and gives the day a good start.

2) I am crazy about solving puzzles and so was super excited when a friend came and gave me a puzzle to solve. She said she remembered me when they bought it for themselves and so got one for me too. And yep I could solve it in the given time-frame too. Now I am circulating it in the team. So far no one has cracked it but ;)

3) Went back to an orphanage that we used to go after almost a year. They were in need of some money for the children's school admission and were so happy that we could help them. She was like she had prayed before calling me and now it feels like God answered her prayers :)

4) Had yummy appam for dinner. Wanted to make stew but then got lazy(and hungry). But who doesn't know that appam with milk and sugar is equally savory and delicious :)

5) Last but not the least: Had a very peaceful day at work - not many headaches or may be my mind has decided not to take work to heart: P


Dewdrop said...

Appam, I m missing it :(

Tall Girl in Japan said...

OOh I love puzzles too ! but only the crossword or the word puzzles. I am hopeless at the ones involving logic :)

anN-series said...

Appam...i want some too....hey this is a nice idea...i am trying to think of things in my day here....just realised how monotonous i have made my life!

Parameshwara BV said...

if i have to summarize , "It's all about finding happiness in small things". This very simple but hard to understand.... Good mam, keep it going

Dhanya said...

@ Dewdrop : Try Nirapara easy palappam powder. It's really easy :)

@ Ruchira : actually I'm good at the logical ones. word power I'm really bad :(

@ anN-series : Yeh pls do na.. I also thought it's not easy but not that tough when I started it :)

@ Pari : Yeh exactly. You said it just right :)

sagarika said...

heyy dhanya nice blog..came across it from preeti's blog...I love the point 3....donating to an orphange is such a grt deed.just wanted to congratulate you on that :D ..keep writing ...

mayandi said...

Hi Dhanya,nice post again...Kudos to you...I am also interesting in donating to orphanages..I keep getting calls from one or the other NGOs,Orphanges,Old age homes..but I am interesting in visting the orphanage,go in person and make sure the amount donated would be utilised by them for the welfare of the kids..
What do u say?