Friday, July 30, 2010

Today I am grateful for.. - Day 7

We always tend to complain about the ‘nothingness’ in our life and forget to appreciate the simple pleasures and happiness around. Today is the last day of this experiment and I am so glad I took it up as this helped me look at the things I was ignoring. It's like the whole day you tend to search for that lil bit of happiness in whatever you do or encounter. I am planning to continue this as a gratitude journal from tomorrow :)

These are my 5 Hi points of today:
1) When my office was in MG Road, there was lot of scope for 'roaming around' - be it a leisure walk in the pretty Brunton road, window shopping in the near by malls or lunch outs in all possible places. We missed all these luxuries so much once the office shifted to the outskirts of the city. Other than a food court which you need to walk some 1.5 km in the hot sun, there is no place to hangout. So today after lunch we decided to go for a walk around the place. This is the first time we are venturing out since we shifted here 2 months back. It wasn't very sunny and at some point we even got a light drizzle which felt more like a sprinkle when u go near a fountain and we throughly enjoyed the walk :)

2) I finished reading the book EPL - an elegantly narrated memoir. It is inspiring, funny and engaging. It assures that there is a peaceful tomorrow for all your troubles but she also clarifies - "I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue." which is so true. Who else other than yourself can save you? Now I can't wait to go to Bali and meet Ketut and Wayan and Mario ;)

3) I was totally surprised when a cab mate told me that he 'heard' I am a very good photographer! The funny part is I hardly know this person or the group of people from whom he heard this news. He said there was a discussion about photography and my name popped up first and he was like she is my cab mate but he never knew this. Not sure if he'll change his opinion once he sees my photos :P Anyways a compliment always makes your day right?

4) Got a personal mail from a friend. I realized now a days it's so rare for someone to write a mail. We mostly communicate via social networking sites or a chat window. But a mail/letter makes so much of difference. Moreover I am thankful for so many lovely people in my life that always cares for me..

5) And it's Friday and the weekend is already here... Yay :)


Thulasy Mary Elizabeth said...


Read all your positivity posts and liked it.You have a flair for photography.I have seen your Flickr account.Good photos.

Tall Girl in Japan said...

yay !! day 7 !!
Glad u r continuing it as a gratitude journal. This experiment has been an eye opener hasnt it !