Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today I am grateful for.. - Day 2

Here are the things that made me feel good today

1) What else can be the ultimate mood lifter than getting up in the morning and realizing that it's still Sunday n you can sleep to your hearts content :)

2) Spend a lot of time in the morning reading and lazing around.

3) I had almost buried my culinary experiments after I started staying alone and so surprised myself when I decided to make aloo parata all for MYSELF :)

4) When I was small, my grandma used to apply lots of oil and give me a head massage and brushing. That was a weekly ritual and I used to hate it so much that time. But now I really miss that and more over even my hair has gone dull and lifeless and so I decided to pamper it and gave myself an oil massage. Believe me it's really a stress buster...

5) I did some wardrobe cleaning and have thrown away some stuff. My wardrobe looks so spacious now :)


Vineeth said...

Njanum innale hair oil okke ittu massage cheythatha.. Ippo neerirakkam pidchu irippayi :)

Sadhana said...

What more can make ur day?! :-)
contentment that u get finishing all those pending tasks for urself is nice! :-)

Tall Girl in Japan said...

Lazy Sunday mornings and Head Massage ..aahhh :)

Dhanya said...

@ Vineeth : ha ha neeroom kaaloom okke nookkeettu veende ithokke cheyyan?

@ Sadhana : Yeh very true :)

@ Ruchira : I know bliss :)