Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today I am grateful for.. - Day 1

I had seen the post in Preeti's blog and I instantly fell in love with the idea. Unfortunately I read it while in office and couldn't comment or blog about it that time but made it a point to mentally note the 5 points before I go to bed. Today I got her invite in my mailbox to join in the facebook group and I decided to make it an excuse to blog about it ;)

So here are my 5 points for today

1) Who doesn't know that a baby's smile is a natural high? Yesterday I did a sleepover in my friend's house and she has a 10 month old baby. As such I adore babies and the feeling is always mutual :) I really felt elated when the cutie pie refused to go to her mom n clung to me most of the times although this is the first time she is seeing me :)

2) It is always difficult to talk to someone going through a hardship. Many a times when we are around such people, we won't know what to say and we avoid the topic and then mostly an uncomfortable silence prevails between us. But I think it always help to talk about the situation as that develops a sense of understanding between the people. Today my friend's mom was asking about my parent’s death and how it affected me and we spoke for a long time and I really felt good about it. I realized these are the facts of life and it is always better to accept them than avoid/ignore them.

3) Except for the Volvo once or twice, it's been really really long since I have traveled in a city bus. One of the main reasons is that they write the board and even the numbers in Kannada and I can't read the script. But today my friend encouraged me to take the bus as my house is really far and auto is not a good idea. It brought back many old memories - second day in this city and me getting lost as I got down in a wrong stop, later our attempt to learn the language from the kannada friends around, learning the kannada script to read at least the bus numbers if not the place, the hostel days and the friends there.. All of them bring a smile to my face :)

4) I had yummy homely food all day.And how much ever good a cook you are, food always tastes better if someone else is cooking for you ;) To top it all what best way to end a day by pure bliss - a bar of diary milk chocolate :)

5) When I was going through a low phase, like all other activities I had almost stopped blogging as well(a 7 months gap from writing). But then when I restarted it, I realized how much it made me feel good. My first post was kind of a ritual to force myself to blog, but the second post gave me such a high that I was unable to sleep that night. I really felt contentment filling inside me and I was floating ;) Today I am so glad when I know that I have 7 days of continuous happiness ahead :)

We all know the famous Groucho Marx quote: "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."

The question to you is what have you chosen to be today? Since happiness multiplies when shared why don’t you multiply it? Just experiment it and see how it is affecting you. You are already in? That’s just great :)


Jina said...

I guess the best thing u can ever say is, "I choose to be happy" and u just did that..
Im so proud of u ..:)

Dewdrop said...

Loved your five points. The best one was talking about the situation you are in to someone who will understand. It always works and I don't know why not many people make use of it. I believe so much of our sadness can be mitigated by just sharing it with someone.

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

good one... agree with th Dewdrop on the "talking with someone who's in a situation u were in" bit

Tall Girl in Japan said...

Lovely list Dhanya !
Babies are a sure mood-uplifters !
I am glad pt 2 made you feel better ! Its sometimes so nice to be able to share your grief with someone ...

Heres wishing you not only 7 days but a life time of continuous happiness !

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

Lovely list i must say.. I miss Bangalore so much that there is hardly a single day now that i do not think of going back..
To add to that i have my 7 month old niece in Bangalore.. and i cant wait to go over to Bangalore and play with her...

Unknown said...

:) hi dhanno! while happiness is multiplied when shared, grief is divided when shared! So SHARING is the key..keep doing it!


Dhanya said...

@ Urs....Jina: Thanks a lot Jina. With so many good friends around I don't have any other choice :)

@ Dewdrop : Yeh that's very much true :)

@ Dr Roshan R : True I also feel it's good to encourage someone to talk when you know they are going through a difficult phase.

@ Ruchira : Thanks a lot Ruchira for coming here and your wishes :)

@ Shantharam Shenoy K : Don't think, just come over... What's stopping you?
Btw thanks a lot for coming here :)

@ Heena : Yeh I know and with such lovely people like you what else can I do? :) But missing you a lot now :(

Sadhana said...

Nice post! It boosted my energy too :)

Thulasy Mary Elizabeth said...


Good to see you in action.Writing helps a lot.A journal or blog.I am reading a book now 'Feeling Good' by David Burns.I felt that as a practical guide to so many emotional situations, which I mishandle.

Dhanya said...

@ Sadhana : Why don't u also join in?

@ Thulasy Mary Elizabeth : Yeh writing was always my way of emotional outlet. I'll also look out for this book :)

Mahalingesh said...


How are you?
Nice list 'n nice idea...Here is my list for first day.

mayandi said...

Amazing post...May you be blessed with happiness through out your life...I feel proud that I too have joined this 7 days of positivity..and your post has shown me some examples about the incidents which are making the day happy without me knowing it before.Thanks a lot...Ur words r simple,powerful and inspiring...