Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Growing older

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I never thought growing older would be something I would appreciate and be thankful for. I remember the excitement of turning 10 and I guess that was the only time I was excited for a milestone birthday. When I turned 20, I was sad that the teenage days are getting over and the prospect of being an 'adult' with responsibilities didn't appeal to me much. Turning 30 was even more painful after my parent's demise and the future was indeed looking very bleak. When I turned 40, I was sad that the 'youth' is gone . In fact we were joking in our school group that when we die now, in our obituary we would be termed "middle-aged' or 'madyavayaska and not youth or 'yuvathi'. But it was then that the reality hit me hard - I realised I have surpassed many in my childhood who I thought were 'old' like my uncle who died of cancer at 35 and few more deaths I had encountered then.

This decade seems like an interesting time in a person’s life - there is enough life to look back on, and hopefully a lot more days still to experience and live life. I am really thankful that I came this far and is here now. It is an amazing thing. Here are few things I am pondering in the last few months and wish to implement in my life going forward

Travel  -  It is a big, wide world out there with so many experiences waiting to be explored. So this is definitely the top most priority. I am not someone who had shied away from travelling and I am thankful for all those opportunities. In fact, many places which I saw as pristine, untouched trails have now become so unrecognisable with filth and commercialisation and some nature's fury. I am hoping there are still many more which are not so damaged out there for me to explore.

Spend time with family and friends : In the recent past I lost some friends and family in their 30s, 40s and 50s which is kind of a reminder that there isn't infinite amount of time left as we tend to compare ourselves with an older generation where 'aged' is defined as 80s or 90s. I am not getting younger and want to spend as much time as I can with those I love the most and doing things I love to do the most.  

Make ourselves a priority : I guess we are totally and solely responsible for ourselves - our choices, our decisions , our priorities. So it is very important to live intentionally with specific purpose and commitment. We need to see if our hobbies are taking a backburner to other work and personal commitments or say a full time career is coming in the way of spending quality time with family. So yes indulge ourselves - celebrate who we are 💓

Take Risk  : "What's the worst thing that could happen?" This was what one of my favourite manager used to ask when we faced any challenges at work. I guess this is an important question that we need to ask ourselves in the crossroads of life as well. So I guess do not postpone anything that you wish to experiment on. We will be happy that we at least tried and even if we do not succeed, we will surely emerge wiser and much more experienced right?

Declutter : This surely is a difficult process for me. I came to bangalore with a single bag and when I shifted my home after 15 years there were two truck loads of stuff and I am sure now if I try another shift it is going to be even more. So I am trying to declutter but the hardest thing to let go of are my books and my so called craft things. Let's see how it goes. I am also going to stop any purchasing unless it is absolutely necessary - mainly the amazon "browse and buy" phew 😈

Relish Life : Take time out , SLOW DOWN . Dark days may come time and again, but they don't last forever. Hope is real and life will be more beautiful than we ever imagine it to be. So yes in the years to come I am only looking forward to health , happiness , experiences and wisdom 😊

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