Friday, January 03, 2020

Goodbye 2010s , welcome 2020s

Looking back at 2019 an the last decade, all I can say is an unparalleled decade comes to a close.

Personally, I was in a devastated state towards the end of 2009 after the loss of my parents and the future did look hopeless. I could have easily sunk into depression and there were days when I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I got through because I had supportive people in my corner to help me continue fighting.  So standing here 10 years later, I can proudly say I survived :)
And another big change was of course marriage. I was never the girl who dreamed of prince charming or a wedding. So this was definitely a huge milestone. I also lived in 4 cities during this time and considering my inertia, these shifts did teach me a lot.

Professionally, this was the time I have experimented a lot. I left my first job which was my absolute comfort zone and dived in to the chaotic startup world. It was a sea of leanings in all respects. Being mentored at NASSCOM and NEN, exposure to TiE, IAN etc was completely different experience. Also when you are expected to be jack of all trades, there were some skills which I picked up while trying to assist someone else and got hooked. Web development is one such area where I ended up buying so many domains just for the fun of creating the sites 😈  I did return to corporate after that but I guess once you have seen the world of creativity, it is difficult to fit in to the set mold. Let's see what this decade brings in ;)

There have been lots of unexpected changes around as well across the globe - from floods to earthquakes, fires to hurricanes, Mother Nature has shown her full force in the past 10 years. My house was also affected in one such incident - the 2018 floods that affected all of Kerala. It was a kind of reminder that nature cannot be controlled by mere humans although we claim to have conquered the space. And I guess that is the single most thing we need to be constantly reminded of while manipulating nature.

Anyways the 2020s are here, and with this brand new decade come new challenges and some new opportunities that will change the way we live
… will the 2020s offer more hope? Let us believe so 😊

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