Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Forced sabbatical...

...kept me away from the blog, and the internet in general, many thanks to BSNL.. It's been more than a week since the entire series (including the complaint no) have gone out of order supposedly because of some cable fault. Interestingly, whenever I call the exchange, I get the assurance that it will be done "by today evening". But somehow this "today evening" never seems to be coming. So I decided to forget about it and stay in my cocoon for another week. Hopefully that should be enough and they won't test my patience further.. Anyway I don't have a choice here right?

In office, my hands are completely full and I could hardly sneak out some personal time. I have read your comments for the previous posts, but haven't replied yet. I am not able to visit your spaces either. Bloglines is informing me about all your new posts. I feel a little out of touch with the outside world. Hopefully I'll try to get back on track with that. And yesterday, when I opened my personal mail account after a week, there were around 150+ unread mails. Though most of them were newsletters or forwards I had no idea I was getting so many mails every day. No wonder my evenings are always in front of the comp ;) So If you are wondering what I am upto in the evenings now a days (I don't have to write blogs or read mails/blogs u see), here are some of my latest activities..

Last week was completely devoted to Harry Potter. I liked this book better than some of the earlier versions. Earlier, I was disappointed with the meandering Order of The Phoenix and the flabby Half-blood Prince. But in Deathly Hallows, Rowling is back in form and has proved that she is the mistress of story telling. The length of the book is just right with not many repetitions, yet enough to refresh things in your mind. The plot is well crafted with adequate shocks to keep the interest going.. The young boys and girls have grown up into fierce warriors and the book is filled with actions and bloodsheds which makes me wonder whether it still qualifies as a "children's book". In any case, this journey into the magical world was memorable and the experience has been well worth it.. But now that the end of the road has reached and I'm back to the muggle world, a tinge of sadness remains.. I'm going to miss those days where I used to sit up till 3 am to finish a book (and made my aunt wonder whether I'm reading for some important exam).

Now that the book is over, what else am I doing? Of course I have my own pile of other "to-be-read" books and my unfinished craft works. But I have taken up another project, but is kind of apprehensive.. Yet I have decided to give it a shot.. Anyway I'll let you know about it once I am ready with some "deliverables" :P Keep waiting..


Vadapoche said...

Welcome back!

Impressionist said...

i can understand!!
BSNL really sucks, even my net connection screwed last month, and these ppl didn't turn up at all. after 2 weeks it was fine!

peace & love

Sadhana said...

You will always find something to do chechi :) Inspite of no internet u found something to keep yourself busy. Hmm new project?? I'll start guessing about it now ;)

Alexis said...

It is nice to have holidays forced on you once in a while. You will get time to think and do a lot of things that you won't have time when you are connected.

Yes the last HP book was good. And as you rightly said it does not qualify as a children's book anymore. But you must remember the fact that a kid who was say 8 years old when he read the first HP book in 1997 is now 18. So the language, plot and characters also have grown with its readers. In 10 years, HP became a publishing legend and JKR became one of the richest persons in the world!

And all the best for your new project.

Dhanya said...

@ jollyroger : Thank you.. :)

@ Rajeev : Think someone from BSNL read my blog. It got fixed much before I expected.. So no regrets ;)

@ Sadhana : Yeh I know. It's tough for me to sit idle.. ;) U can guess but it's not anything that great :)

@ alexis : Yeh an unexpected routine change is good. It allows you to rediscover yourself :) Yeh I agree with you abt the HP book. The characters grew up in front of our eyes. It's fine for a child who started reading it way back in 97 and grew up with the characters. But what abt the ones who are not old enough?

Owen Pratt said...

Interesting read, thanks for sharing