Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yet another day,

but it happened to be my birthday...

When I was small, I didn't know what a Birthday means, thanks to my parents who never believed in celebrations.. And one day during my KG years, I came back from school and demanded that I should distribute sweets in the class next day. I was so fascinated by the attention the kid, dressed in a pretty frock, was getting from both teachers and other friends. Then my parents explained to me that it would be their birthday and I should be distributing sweets only on my B'day. I have no idea whether I really understood what it means.. But from that day I started waiting for my birthday.. And finally when my turn came I was too excited.. An escape from the routine uniform, going proudly to school with the box of chocolates ,thoroughly enjoying the attention from everybody... You would get some new friends on that day and not to mention the fawning, just to get one extra chocolate!

In my early teens, the childish excitement had worn off.. Many a birthdays passed by without anyone (including me) remembering it.. In college , friends started taking up the b'days which meant I would be wished promptly and I even got nice cards and gifts.. They took pains to get the most appropriate gift and the excitement of opening the packet and guessing what is inside - it was fantastic.. Before that I never knew the concept of giving b'day gifts coz I never got any.. Once I was invited for a b'day party of my classmate. Since that was my first time ever, I went there wished her and came back. But I never realised the meaning of the odd look she gave me when I went there empty handed.. Anyway she never called me again :)

When I moved out of home, birthdays started at midnight - calls , wishes , cake cutting.. Sneaking into the dormitory when the lights were off to have a get together (no one was allowed to enter other rooms and so had to really sneak in). In office also there used to be cake cutting , sweet distribution , treat to friends , and not to mention the cake facial.. And then an inbox full of mails and e-cards. At times you will be in for some sweet surprises as well.. Someone long-forgotten calls you or someone totally unexpected turns up or someone just goes an extra mile to make you feel special..

I stopped awaiting birthdays a long time back.. I don't buy b'day clothes any longer, I don't expect gifts any longer.. In fact I am not sure whether I really want another birthday to approach, considering the fact that it's menacingly taking me away from youth.. But still, it's an important day and is always special.. And today was exceptional because I partied, that too with 600 people.. The physical exhaustion of running around everywhere without any proper food for two days can't be put into words.. But the sweetness of Happy B'day Song that the small ones sang,the smile on their faces.. It totally made up for everything.. What more can I ask for?


Life Rocks!!! said...

Happy Birthday, dear!! Hmm..Hope you had a good day..why so low??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday..
(I am a day too late.. still..) Hope you had a nice day...

mathew said...

Wishing you a great belated birthday... :-)
It was special for me too 2 months back coz I got to cut a cake after ages...SOmetimes such short joys work wonders..

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms.Dhanya,
Best (belated) wishes for your B'Day. Its been a pleasure in reading your blogs for some time now & thanks for all the nice write-ups. Good work & pls keep going..


Impressionist said...

Belated Birthday wishes Dhanya!
sorry for the late wishes!

peace & love

Dhanya said...

@ Vidhya : Thanks a lot dear. I had a fantastic day.. Why you felt I'm low? I'm perfectly alright :)

@ Sini : Thanks a lot.. I've forgiven u this time :P

@ Mathew : Thank you.. Yeh me got to cut 2 cakes today. Was imersed in cake :( But had good fun today also.. :)

@ Saran : Hey nice to know u r following my blog :) n congrats, you know for what :) send a snap pls..

@ Rajeev : Thanks a lot for the wishes. You didn't know my b'day to wish me on time ;)

Anonymous said...

I sure din't mean *this* when I asked for "our team's" share of fun last night!!!.... Whew, trust me, I remember all the days when I get dirty coz of others - u know its ok to be dirty by yourself BUT not when its not my day ! This day is marked - on monday, the 24th of march, scores shall be settled!


PS: Nice blog abt b'days. I think you should edit a lil. You are still as excited as the first one when it comes to *your* b'days!!! :-)


Dhanya said...

@Ravi : You were not explicit.. So I interpreted it this way :P And didn't u know I'm on leave on 24th March every year.. I have applied for a recurring leave :D
Yeh think I should dedicate my excitement for the day to u n Vamsee 50-50 ;) May be I'll add a dedication :D

Jayashankar said...

Belated Birthday wishes Dhanya.

Thanks for your comment too...My B'day is in April.No school.Bad luck.Never enjoyed the "color dress" and sweets distribution.

Jayashankar said...

meanwhile I blogrolled u!

Alexis said...

My belated birthday wishes... Nice to know that you had a wonderful time.

Richy said...

Haffy Buffday

Richy said...

though a belated one :))

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

like i tell everyone (because i get it right ever - even by accident), belated birthday wishes are more fun because they keep coming even after the excitement ebbs.

So here goes a happy budday and a wonderful year to you - and many more to come.

Archana & Darshan said...

Happy Birthday... though a belated one... forgot to wish as I was out of town !!

Anonymous said...

porandha naal vaalthukkal..

Dhanya said...

@ Eashwar : Thank you for the wishes. That's bad luck. It's fun to go to school in color dress n distribute sweets atleast when u r a kid. But anyway I hope you should be able to make up now :)
And thanks for blogrolling me. I too have added you.

@ Alexis : Thanks a lot.. Yeh I really had a wonderful time :)

@ Richy : Thank you thank you :)

@ toothless wonder : Yeh that's very true. Belated wishes keep coming :) Thanks a lot for the wishes and for stopping by :)

@ Darshan : Thank you DArshan :) No probs. I know you will ne busy.. :P

@chronicwriter : Thanks a lot for the wishes :)

Sadhana said...

Hmm that was a great n memorable B'day then.. Different from the usual Celebrations!! Great!! :)

Dhanya said...

Yeh sure it was a different kind of celebration :)