Monday, August 27, 2007

Carnival of Kerala

Onam, the festival of Kerala is here... It is part of the cultural repertoire of every Malayalee - a festival that celebrates a happy blend of myth and reality. It brings back nostalgic memories of a bygone era of prosperity, equality and righteousness.. This season the whole state comes alive with activities. To add to that nature is divinely beautiful and every inch of Kerala becomes lush green with the spring season. Flowers bloom in plenty and butterflies bring a rainbow of colour. And there is festivity in the air with people decorating their houses with `Pookalam´(floral arrangements on floor) to welcome Mahabali.. The smell of "Onakodi"(new dress) which is eagarly awaited for.. A time for prayers and ceremonies, a time to celebrate and rejoice, a time for fun and sports.. Then the grand lunch - sumptuous multi-course meal served on a banana leaf comprising more than 10 dishes. From the crisp banana chips to the assorted pickles to the vegetable dishes - each dish with it's own unique taste - be it sweet, sour, spicy or piquant. I feel everything about Onam reflects the Keralite's zest for all the beautiful things of life..

Wishing you and family a very happy and enjoyable Onam.. :)


Alexis said...

Hope you had a wonderful Onam. My belated wishes..

Impressionist said...

Hope u had a wonderful Onam!
sorry for the late wishes!
Happy OnaM :D

peace & love

Jayashankar said...

Belated Onam wishes.Also Happy Birthday to your friend.

..::വഴിപോക്കന്‍[Vazhipokkan] | സി.പി.ദിനേശ് said...

Beleted Onam wishes !

Jackfruit said...

good blog.. :)