Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yeh Dosti

Today is World Friendship Day.. The day that marks celebrations of friendship all over the world..

When I wished a friend today, he was asking why do you need a day for that. It's true that we really don't need a day to celebrate a concept like 'friendship'. But how many of us really connect with our friends every day unless of course they are geographically close and you have to interact with them in your day-to-day activities? If I have to be true to myself, I should say I have failed miserably here.. I guess keeping in touch proves to be the biggest challenge that any friendship goes through. It can be a course of study, a job opportunity or a family decision that takes you away from your close buddies, but the distance does tear apart the bonds of friendship. Probably that's what we can do on this day. Celebrate this Friendship Day by taking a pledge to never lose touch with your old pals..

Happy Friendship Day every one.. Let the beautiful hues of friendship colour your life and make it bountiful in joy..


Archana & Darshan said...

Happy Friendship Day to you too


Jeseem said...

hey good old pal,
how about sending a box of chocos to this friend in US :)

btwn I finally wrote ur tag. so expecting my candies

Life Rocks!!! said...

Happy belated friendship friends too can be great friensd right?

Dhanya said...

@ Darshan : Thanks a lot Darshan :)

@ Jaseem : I thought u owed me chocos for the delay in taking up the tag. so u better send me that soon.. ;)

@ Vidhya : Thank u :) Yeh online friends can also be great friends :)

Impressionist said...

Belated happy friendship day dhanya!
i know its very late! but hell, as long as ur celebrating friendship day who cares what day it is! ;)
hehehe! :D

peace & love

Dhanya said...

Thanks Rajeev. Yeh u can celebrate every day as friendship day :)

BHATTA said...

Happy Friendship day! Every day is a friendship day! :-)