Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Starting Anew

Now a days, my evenings are very dull and lack luster.. Ambili has taken up a job and so our routine voice chat that used to consume my entire time has come to an abrupt end (probably that explains why I'm more verbal these days). As a rule I don't initiate a chat/call with my other friends.. I have a feeling that they will be busy with their life and I shouldn't unnecessarily intrude into their time. Cooking has also come to a standstill after my cousin moved out. It's too boring to cook and eat all alone.. I'm not that much of a TV enthusiast either.. But there are so many things that I like to do. I love to sketch, I like to do handicrafts, I like to read, I like to go out for walks, I love to talk to people, I like to shop, I like to keep my house clean, but the problem is I have lost the zeal to do things that I once loved to do.. It's ages since I have sharpened my pencils, my paints are all dried up, there are so many raw materials(for craft works) lying in my house unattended, I have a pile of books that I want to read, it's long since I have bought a dress for myself, it's years since I have gone for my morning walks(and it shows),my house is cluttered (coz of the numerous things that piled up over the years).. The list is endless.. Result - I have started to feel that "Life is boring" which is a little dangerous.

But,as they say, a problem recognized is a problem half solved. So I intend to do something regarding this. I've even taken a few first steps. I went for my morning walk today. It was a nice feeling and I hope to continue the same. I would even try to go to the badminton courts again.. I want to re-start my cooking so that I will eat properly and avoid the junk foods (hopefully that will improve my health as well). I plan to resume my sketching and craft works.. I have cut the papers already and the stitching kit has come out.. I intend to finish at least one book per week.. In my one room house, there is very less that I can do to reduce the clutter. But I still want to give it a try and have decided to keep all the "not-so-essentials" in the overhead rack. I now need to sort out which all needs to go there..This weekend I'm planning to go and shop for some dresses so that there is something new to look forward to.. I don't know how much I'm going to succeed in these endeavours. With my new work commitments which will start soon, I might even end up with absolutely no time for myself. But whatever it is I would like to give it a try..At least I should be convinced that I have done my best.. Wish Me Luck, Please..


Anonymous said...

Done with atleast one of your plans even before the planned time, right? So everything will become proper in a short span of time.

Dhanya said...

yeah now u know why I jumped at the opportunity ;)

Anonymous said...

yep, but that is good:-)

Sadhana said...

No need to wish u good luck in these.
Coz I know that u do watever u plan to do.. Right?? :)

Anyway "All the Best". Definitely your life will be interesting with these things. Ofcourse u know how to make it interesting ;)

Dhanya said...

Thanks Sadhana.. Yeh I'm definitely trying to keep up my word and make life more interesting :)

Laxman said...

All the very best! :-)

Poornima Prabhu said...

got to read ur blog through sadhana's link. When life becomes monotonous and mechanical you feel that it has lost it's meaning.. thats when you feel that life is boring.. every one passes through such a phase once in a while.. :). Nothing to worry about.. this will fade away in due course of time. I hope you have become successful in overcoming this feeling.

Smitha said...

I suggest u to start one my one than starting all that together ending up again in lot of uncompleted things when u get overloaded by work in office

Dhanya said...

@ Laxman, Thank you :)

@ Poornima , Thanks a lot for visiting :) Yeh I have overcome the feeling and started doing something or the other to keep me engaged :)

@ Smitha , hmm I'll take ur advice.. Work already started in office :( Let me see how I can cope up :)