Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not in the Frame

Today a friend was asking me why I can't upload a decent self portrait in my orkut profile. According to him all of them are "deformed" :( Reason why he asked this is coz most of the snaps that I upload there will be cropped from some group snaps and so it won't be a proper portrait.. Also whenever I share snaps after a trip, I face lot of questions on why I'm not there in any of them..

The answers for these questions are
1) Cameras don't lie. So what u see is what you get and I can't do much about that :D
2) I don't like myself to be photographed, especially solos. This aversion came right from childhood and I think I should blame my parents for that ;)

The story goes as follows: Think I was 2 or 3 years then. My parents took me to a studio to take some family photographs. I should have posed well that time. But immediately after that they took me to a nearby hospital and gave me some vaccination and poor me was crying in pain. From then onwards I always associated photos with the pricking pain and my parents never got a chance to photograph me after that. The moment I hear the word "photo" I would be petrified and would vanish to infinity and they won't see me for a couple of hours. Result - I absolutely don't have any childhood snaps of mine (which I slightly regret now). It took quite some years(not until I reached college) for me to get over this camera shyness(or should I say camera ache). Even now If I search the thousands of photo's that I have, there will be less than 10 solo's !! And I'm in no position to publish those coz most of them are the "caught unaware" series by my friends ;) So people now u know the side effects of a vaccination ;)


BHATTA said...

he he ! what a way to associate self portraits with vaccination ;)
hmm.. me too thought, ppl who do a very good job behind the camera spend a very less time in front of it, except for blowing the dist off the lens ;)

CandidConfessions said...

Aww.. that sounds like a cute lil story! nostalgic one! :)

Dhanya said...

@ Arvind : Yeh I'm fed up of people asking me why I'm not there in the pictures.. So thought I'll document it and can send the link to whoever pops that question again ;)

@ Priyanka : he he thank you :)

titto said...

Hi dhan
Recently visited your blog and ur flickr foto site. Photos are damn good. why don't u start a photoblog rather than posting in flickr.Daily oru periodically u can put your photos in blog rite. You can start in blogspot or blipfoto or aminus3. Keep going. all the best :)

Dhanya said...

Thank you Titto for your visit and comments. I was thinking of photoblog for sometime but was not sure whether I'm qualified enough ;) Anyway 'll set up one soon as my flickr has reached the free accounts limits :(

titto said...

I think there is no space limit in flickr, but we can upload only 100mb per month

u have enuf stds for a photoblog...
"but was not sure whether I'm qualified enough ;)"

Hope ur not studying for vinayan :):):)

Dhanya said...

@Titto : there is also a limit of 200 snaps for a free account. You will be able to upload more but only the last 200 will be shown :(

Anyway taking ur suggestion have created a photoblog. 'll publish it soon :)

Anonymous said...