Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I'm getting used to the regular "power failures" in Bangalore and usually during these times I prefer to read. So today I lighted a candle and was reading holding the candle stand in one hand (I know it is a little dangerous). Although I used to do it often, today something in my mind told me that it's going to be disastrous. I had a feeling I'm going to get burned. I get such gut feelings often and experience have taught me not to ignore these warnings. So I decided to keep the candle stand down and while keeping it down all the melted wax flowed down my hand burning them !!! I'm happy that it didn't become too grievous. But as I told this is not the first time that I'm having such experiences.. I remember in Rome, I had a feeling that I'll be pick pocketed and coz of that I was extra careful and was checking my purse every 5 mins. In spite of that I got pick pocketed! Again during the early days of my career, I used to work in a very jolly gang. But whenever we used to have fun, I got this funny feeling that it's not going to last long and I'll be separated from the team. There was no logic behind that as I was supposedly handling a critical component and though I had asked for a component change, the answer given was I had to wait at least for 1-1.5 years. But within 2 weeks I was moved to a different component and out of that department. Similarly I was not interested in pursuing engineering and so though I had got a decent rank, I joined a degree college and even attended classes. But later I ended up taking engineering that too a stream which I was not very keen on and the interesting part is all through I knew I had to do that!! There have been so many such instances most of them I can't remember now.. I don't know how to explain this.. Articles, especially about positive thinking, ESP, holistic or meditation, will tell you that it is the power of your mind. What ever you are imagining , your mind has the power to make it happen and you can even develop these instincts!! But what I don't understand is it's not that we are imagining these things deliberately(who will imagine all these unpleasant things?) nor is it that all things that we are imagining is happening this way (if that was the case, we could have imagined all nice things and made our life much much easier)..

Another similar experience is when you are in a situation, you feel the event has occurred in the past. You can recollect the scene as if from a movie or a drama. All the characters exactly in the same place and doing exactly the same things as if in a replay. My friend's dad who is a psychiatrist once explained to us that this is because of hormonal imbalance during teen years and it is more prominent in girls. He assured us that as we cross the teenage the frequency of such occurrences will be reduced which is actually true in my case(tho it hasn't gone completely). But again what I can't understand is how can the hormones know what is going to happen in future? Or is it that the feeling is only an illusion? But then why is it happening only for some scenes?

Whether it's the power of mind or trick of hormones, I feel it's little creepy. Also I guess most of you would have experienced it(unless there is something terribly wrong with me). Is there any other convincing explanation? Or is this really a sixth sense?


Sadhana said...

i do believe in sixth sense. But I donno what it is in your case.

I have experienced whatever u have written in the last but one paragraph . I too have wondered many times about such things. But never got an answer. Doctors give the same reason of harmonal imbalance for everything. I used to listen to such things when I heard it for the first few times. But when it became the common reason for everything, I stopped :)

BHATTA said...

Very nice and 'intutive' blog dhanya.
there are a lot of similar ppl who have done extensive research on these strange occurances, ppl of the sort of sigmund freud, maslow and al who were famous psychlogists.
There is even a book called interpretation of dreams, a very thought-inspiring book by sigmund freud, read madi if you get hold of it.
The intutions i felt are an extension of the subconcious mind, the mind which dreams. So each intution also might inspire or affect our thought processes..
Nevertheless a nice blog dhanya.. :-)

Dhanya said...

@ Sadhana, Yep I know. But what I'm wondering is there should be some alternative explanation for this.. Some day we'll find out :)

@Arvind , Thank you Bhatta for your visit and comments :) I have also heard about this book but haven't read it. I somehow can't relate intuitions to dreams. Dreams I too agree is the result of our subconsious mind, but intuitions? Think I should do soe research on this ;)

Krishna said...

I think everybody would have similar experiences. One thing I have noted is that I cannot change the end result even though I am aware that 'this' is going to happen.

Somewhere I have read that your subconscious mind know a little more, and it sometimes has the ability to look beyond. One of my friends who was interested in such things had told me that he had experimented this & got some positive results.

btw, if you want to read the book Bhatta mentioned, you can get it from me.

Dhanya said...

hmm think I should do more research on this :) u can give me the book :)

Sachin R K said...

Deja vu (