Sunday, April 26, 2009

Honest Confessions?

I've been awarded the Honest Scrap Award by Amal sometime back. It's my first online award and I’m so glad you like my blog and choose it for the award. Thanks a Ton Buddy :)

But the award comes with a "Terms and conditions apply" tag line.

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Don't you think this whole blog is about bragging? Why else would someone start a blog? And you already know who that misguided soul is. Guess what? More than the award I'm so glad I managed to successfully misguide at least one person :)

Now the seven random victims are Sandeep, gappa, Usha, Sharanya, Mishmash, Pareltank , Preeti. All of them maintain such brilliant and interesting blogs on varied topics and I never get tired of reading them. Yeh sure I'll leave the harassing comment to inform them about the award after I publish this post.
Now coming to the last and the toughest part. I have this habit of taking feedback about myself from friends(real world ones) and try to improve myself. And many a times I have got feedbacks like "One word to describe you is 'Paheli'" or "you are friendly to everyone but allow only very selected few into the privileged inner circle" or "Emotionally you are a closed book" or "You make others comfortable to share their secrets but you never share yours". And some friends who read my blog have told me that "You write so openly in your blog and it's like knowing a different person". How I wish I was the same in the blogging world with so many secrets that would make me look very mysterious and intriguing :( As it is there are no big secrets or happenings/controversial things in my life. On top of that with my penchant to write about anything and everything that affects me, it's very tough to dig up even 1 or 2 new things that I haven't yet written!! Anyway I guess I'll have to go to back to my infancy/school times to do that. So here are some random facts about me.

1) My parents had a late marriage and my mom was 40 years when I was born. And she seems to be really surprised to get a healthy child! Not a new thing since she is very fond of worrying about anything and everything

2) I was kidnapped by the maid servant when I was 6-7 months old. He took the ornaments, left me in a thenginkuzhi(a pit made around the coconut tree to keep water and manure) and ran off. I was found much later playing in my comfortable 'mud bed' blissfully unaware of the commotion. This incident and another near murder in my friend's house has made my mom paranoid of live-in servants.

3) I used to feel so lonely as a kid and longed for a sibling so badly. I even used to pester my parents to adopt a kid from the orphanage.

4) My all time favorite subject is Maths but I always managed to lose 1/2 - 1 marks by making careless mistakes!

5) I was an average student though out and have managed to pass all exams. But the final year ICT exam was so tough that I really thought I will get a supply(short form for supplementary exam that you need to take if you fail in an exam). I was so desperate after that exam and offered to do 108 pradakshinams in Guruvayoor if I pass. Even now I believe it was the effect of prayer that saved me. There is no way I could have passed that exam otherwise!

6) All through my school and college days I have skipped breakfast and I'm just not proud of it. That time I used to think I was so fat(even with a BMI of 19-20) and this was my idea of diet. Now it has screwed up my metabolism so badly :(

8) I never got fever during school days and used to wonder what it is like to have fever. But all the fascination went off when I got it the first time - a very high intensity one with a bad headache n vomiting for 3 days.

9) I was never into sports. Most of the PT classes, we used to spend inside the classrooms doing craft works or some other 'quiet tasks'. Mam used to bother us only if it's nearing Republic Day when school participated in the parade. So it's the same even now. Any physically demanding activity I'll try to keep a safe distance :P

10) My first hostel life was when I was in 3rd standard and I totally loved it. I was the younger most since hostel was available only from 5th std upwards. But I was admitted on special request for a short time and was thoroughly pampered by all the chechis , nuns and even the warden who was famous for her strict ways.

So that's it about me and didn't I tell you before that I always made careless mistakes in maths :D


Mahalingesh said...

108 pradakshinams in Guruvayoor! - Where is this place?

Amal Bose said...
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Amal Bose said...

2. Oh.. you were kidnapped at 6 months? if you were a bit older to understand stuff, it would have been one hell of an adventure. dont know why, but i wish i had some similar experiences. ;-)
5. did you actually do the 108 pradakshinams after passing?

Well that is not a careless mistake for 1-1/2 marks. it costs you 10 marks :P

Dhanya said...

@ Mahalingesh : You haven't heard of Guruvayoor? It's a famous temple in kerala. check this site -

@ Amal Bose : Yeh was kidnapped at such a young age. But I guess if I were older to realize things he wouldn't have allowed me to survive. So that way it was good :)
And yeh I did 108 pradakshinams after passing. A promise is always a promise :)

~mE said...

oh thanks dhanya..i quite didnt get what i am supposed to do...make 10 honest confessions ??

lol...if yes, its easy will be done by EOD :)

Jina said...

Cool List!

Thats awesome.I hope they got that kidnapper and gave nice dishoom dishoom!!

sandeep said...

Oh my ... am honoured, to say the least :)

2. This is the one which caught my attention too. Some event that u can brag to people :) Poor me ... I dont have anything eventful abt my childhood :(

4. Ditto ... for me too :) But, I guess I was better of for PDC and BTech sessionals :)

7. U skipped 7???? Cheating!

6 & 9. These are contradicting. If u just changed 9, u wudnt have needed 6 :)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

108 pradakshinam? Daivame? Guruvayurappan irangi aduth vannu kaanum allo?


Dhanya said...

@ sharanya : Yeh try it :) And also pass it on..

@ ursjina : Thank you :) Unfortunately not. He is still elusive.

@ sandeep : You deserve it :)
2 - I don't think it's that good. It's scary actually. I have seen the horror in my friend's house where her mom n grand mom was almost killed.
4 - Yeh PDC n B Tech I also was better. But I guess time we had the choice of attempting many more questions than needed. I remember I used to do every question so that even if I make careless mistake in one, the others 'll be considered :P
7- Nope.. careless mistake :D
6&9 - contradicting or complementing? I thought both are reasons for low metabolism :)

@ Nikhil Narayanan : pinnallaathe? chummathaano jayichathu :)

Usha said...
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Usha said...

OMG! what an honour.. *misty eyed n all that* my first blog award, this is! dankes n dankes! :D

#2: that's scary.. when we were kids, my sis almost got kidnapped once, at the Guindy Park, Chennai, when one of the ladies in a tourist bus, just caught her by her hand and tried pulling her into their bus. When Mom caught her, she just said sorry, n that she thought it was one of those kids in their tour group! n she really got away with it!!!

#4: same pinch!!!
for the fave subject part, and the careless mistake part! gawd, i used to feel so miserable about it.

#5: i've done similar bribery at our school chapel to escape the canings from our malayalam teacher, Sr. Rosy. :P

#8: used to have similar feeling of wonder and mystery towards "thalachuttal".. i used to wonder if people's heads really spin or something..
all that was until i fainted once when i was 10, in a hospital restroom!!! :(((((((((((

#9: teeehee.. hope our swimming class changes all that for better!

#10: oh that's real young an age, to live in a hostel! mine was when i was 17. but i've always heard from school boarders that they've had the bestest of times in there!

And yes, thanks again, for bestowing this honour on me. Muahs! :)

Mishmash ! said...

Dhanya, firstly I am really sorry for coming here so late to pick up such a great gesture from ur end...there has been some change in life priorities and i have been out of web world for past several weeks.Hopefully things will settle down soon and I will be back in action..thanks a lot for checking on me :)

I feel quite honored to get this mention in your blog and flattered to share it with some really great talents out there. Thanks a bunch!

Take care..have a lovely weekend...pinne eniyum aarum kidnap cheyyathe nokkane.. :) that was one scary part!!!

Mahalingesh said...

Thank you for info on Guruvayoor. My friend is Kerala, i think i should visit this place now, i am also going through a kind of exam :)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

4 - Ditto for me too. My mom always used to complain. And during high school we had this Maths 2 paper rt, and it will be the last exam, and I will be eager to get out and play. So in that tension I always made stupid mistakes.

Nicely compiled one.

Cris said...

That was a good list Dan, every post you make, gives me a stronger feeling you are a real nice person.

Anyway did you do the 108 pradakshinams at Guruvayoor?

Dhanya said...

@ usha : he he don't worry you deserve it :)

@ Mishmash ! : You already know from your fan following how much you are being missed. And do take care of yourself and come back soon :)

@ Mahalingesh : Yeh visit it if you get a chance.. It works :)

@ Dhanush Gopinath : After social studies only biology was my nightmare. After that it's as good as 'exams over' feeling for me :)

@ Cris : wow thank you Cris.. That's something special :) And yeh I did 108 pradakshinams.. !!