Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogging Disasters

Last 2-3 days I was sleeping late and Friday was our Family Day. I was totally exhausted after that and so yesterday I slept nicely in the afternoon. I woke up feeling so fresh and was not in a mood to go back to sleep at my usual time. So as usual was in front of the comp and browsing/chatting was going on. That time my childhood friend came online. Talking of my childhood friends, none of them are in the IT industry and so very rarely we meet over chat. It's mostly phone calls or e-mails. Also the fact that all four of us are in different parts of the world doesn't make the communication part very easy. So I was thrilled to see her online and we started chatting although it was already wee hours of the morning. Some excerpts from our talk.

me: hi korangi
ss: hey how are u
i just woke up
me: good good :)
i need to go to sleep
it's already morning :(
ss: well talk about timings
any new trips planned/executed?
me: last was dandeli/karwar last month
ss: i saw and read your blog
me: oh ok
ss: You have gained wt?
me: yes. Who told you?
ss: from your blog
ss: how is kuttettan's baby?
saw her legs in ur blog ;)
me: :)
SS: How is B and H?
Remembered them when I read one of ur post abt them
me: $@#%#$^%$#@$#
how come you are knowing everything abt me n me totally dark abt u
ss: It's your blog dear
me: Then u too better start a blog. This is unfair

Don't you think this is totally unfair? And this is not the first time that I have encountered this type of one sided talks with close friends. Most of them are silent readers of my blog and never leave a comment. So I have no idea who is following the blog and then they surprise me when we call or meet. Talking of leaving comments, even I have the habit or reading a blog and come back silently mainly coz of sheer laziness. So I am not insisting on that. But to make it fair you should start updating me the news from your side too. So you,yeh 'YOU', do sit down and shoot a mail to me NOW, this very moment. Else I will be forced to stop blogging(not that I'm regular here) :P


Amal Bose said...

this has never happened to me.. coz my friends are either lazy to read blogs or too techish and spend time for more productive purposes..
and another reason may be coz i havnt told many of my friends that i blog.

and regarding your prob, i guess always keeping in touch with your friends is the only way

~mE said...

lol this is funny..:)

sandeep said...

How true!!!!

The worst part is when some new person mail or start scrapping as if they know u for a very long time ... and u cant even make out if this is a guy or a gal :((

mathew said... a victim myself...for a long time my blog was farely anonymous amongst my friends and most of my close friends and few relatives do read it..though they dont comment there..;-)

Usha said...

that's OK, fellow sufferer.. happens!!

oh btw, for a change, i've even found myself copy-pasting the link of my latest updates post, during those lazy times when a friend pings me on msngr with the regular "whazzup"s! :D

Jeseem said...

hey.. i am curious and i see lot of blanks in the chat ..
u called ur friend korange.. what does she call u ? :P

and hey .. ur blog is popular.. and everyone follows a star :)

Bindhu Unny said...

Even my pre-blog friends do not leave a comment after reading my blog. I realise they are reading it only when we talk.
Universal problem! :-)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) the best thing abt my blog is that my frnds r still to come in terms that i hav a habit of writing, sme of frnd who check them accidemtly, do get shock n giv me ring asking me "YOUUUUU WRITE....!!!!!!!! " n i hav to blush n tel, its juts at time, but like u said even they r lazyyyy that they nvr put coment, but tel straight away whn they cal me......

fozylet said...

well, a recent entry of yours i acted on is regarding the photography workshop. thank you for the tip, i went too! :) and yes, i dint comment here (as usual)

but then, we're all "lurkers" at one place or the other.

Dhanya said...

@ Amal Bose : I also thought I dodn't have many 'friend' readers. But looks like it's not the case :)
I do try to keep in touch but mostly it's via chat or phone n many a times loose out on the ones outside the county :(

@ ~mE : he he :)

@ sandeep : ha ha I can imagine your case with such a popular blog :)

@ mathew : yeh universal problem. Now I think I should have started an anonymous blog ;)

@ usha : Yeh I know :) he he that's a nice idea to let them know abt u. reverse?

@ Jeseem : aha who asked u to check the non-relevant informations?

@ Bindhu Unny : Yeh universal problem indeed! :)

@ Devil Incarnate : For me also that's the case but we call once in a blue moon :(

Dhanya said...

@ fozylet : Yeh I came to know abt that from Sini. U better treat me for that :P

Harinagendra K S said...


Dont stop blogging......

There are really some insiders, stories, feelings and on the other side good tp.

Please dont stopp...


Vadapoche said...

Same problem here, ppl read and do likewise.

They wont even comment even if I ask, sad.

Deepa said...

count me in as one who occasionally reads your blog and doesn't leave a comment. it's mostly the inborn laziness but don't stop writing cos' of people like me. you have a good one going here.

cm chap said...

Ha Ha... Call it power of blogging.

I rem once when I spoke to my frnd, I was telling him that I went to casino... he replied I knw even how much money you lost. I was like... &^#*@

Dhanya said...

@ Hari : Yeh I won't stop provided all my readers leave their comments here :P So next time leave a mark :)

@ JollyRoger : Travelers of the same boat :)

@ Deepa : If you are not leaving comments u better mail me whenever u read my blog :P

@ CM-Chap : he he think I have also read that post of yours :)

Unknown said...

Hey..u made me do it....ha..ha...this is the first time i'm leaving a comment on anyone's was like u caught me red-handed..anyway u have a very nice episode going here...i truly love reading it...Came into here accidentally...U were always in my mind ever since i heard about your mom. So just peeked into orkut to see how u were doing...found your blog there...and your post on amma...felt really bad about it...forwarded it to Nandu too...b'cas he also was very concerned about you....difficult situation...but u have the strength to overcome it. This is one of the reasons that we decided to have to 3 kids...hope God gives u the strength.