Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Titbits of News

Today was an eventful day for so many reasons. So just thought I'll mark it before sleeping..

  • One of my works saw the print ink for the first time.
Yes it's a unique experience

  • Did the first recording of my lifetime.
I was damn nervous and have given the poor editing guys enough work ;)

  • Completed 7 years in the same company.
I can very well recollect how I felt on this day 7 years back.I should say the journey was quite long ..


Anonymous said...

You got printed? What? In what?

Dhanya said...

He he..
I didn't get printed.. one of my photo's got printed..
In what - I'll tell you soon once they release it.. ;)
(What I saw was only a draft copy)

Anonymous said...


Dhanya said...

Looks like ma'm is angry with me ;)
It's nothing great. There was a company calender and one of my photo's was also taken for that. But anyway it's not exclusive. Even Pinto's and Sid's are also there :)
Only thing is I got to know the news earlier and other's came to know only once they got the calender in hand :)