Saturday, October 07, 2006

My first Post

Why am I blogging? I don't have a proper answer to this...

As a child whenever I felt sad or happy I used to take it out on a pen and paper medium... May be that comes with being an only child... Initially it was old notebooks and later I upgraded myself to an LIC diary that I took from my mom. But over a course of time, like many other things, I dropped the habit of writing as well... Maybe I was able to vent my emotions in a different way!!!

Possibly with this blog I'm trying to go back to those days… so that later in my life, I can read this and laugh at myself thinking how immature I was!! (Just like the way I wonder now reading my old diaries)

I do have the insecurity that this is a public space. But may be, just may be, I need not wait many years to realize that I'm immature... So friends I do appreciate your comments. May be that will help me evolve in to a better person sooner... :)


it's me said...

wish you all the best in this new career.
i'm sure this will be something special as u are..

Krishna said...

Welcome to this space. And hope to see you here more often;)