Thursday, October 12, 2006

"I" vs "We"

"Emotionally you may hit a brick wall, DHANYA, when you find that your sensitive feelings aren't being as nurtured and respected as you might like them to be. If you constantly project an image of emotional strength and toughness, people will be either harder on you, or will look to you for support themselves. Now is a time when you are the one who is thirsty for it, so put your guard down and ask for the help and encouragement that you need."

This is what I got today in my Daily Horoscope Service from I'm not a hardcore believer of astrology and generally don’t pay much attention to these mails. But today it did make me think.

From school days I’m used to people coming to me for advice or just to vent their frustrations. Most of the cases I used to be a silent spectator who can’t do much about the issues. Sometimes I even used to feel bad about myself and used to wonder why they are coming to me when I can’t help them in anyway. But I never thought that I project an “image of emotional strength and toughness”. Do I really? Am I on guard and do I really need help?

It’s true that I'm not very comfortable discussing issues that bother me with everyone. In most of the cases I do handle it myself. But yes of late there were times where I have felt that I need someone to talk to. So I was just wondering how it was before and why is it that I'm feeling it only now? Was it that I never had any problems or was it that my guard was not there? Looking back, I realised that “I” never had any problems then. Even if “we” had any issues all of “us” used to solve it together. What happened later? Is it that as we grow older “we” splits to different “I”s? Is this the way of life? So does it make any difference even if I put my guard down? ;-)


Jeseem said...

hav hit the same thing so many times.
like y'day a colleugue in office remarked, hey how r u so cool and composed always or when a friend said, u r a very soothing person.
there are times, when one needs , very rarely, smone to talk to ( not suggestions and advices, just talk) and sm times I pick a phone and call a few trusted friends.

so go ahead and find a few right people among ur friends

Dhanya said...

Yeh I do have friends whom I can call anytime. Probably it's just that I'm too lazy even to talk ;)

Anonymous said...

"We" splitting to different "I"s. I guess its very true. Remember me telling u abt people growing alien after marriage? Guess its a similar phenomena...

I've actually become closer to my parents recently ... elders in general can shower a lot of care that u again start saying "We" :)