Monday, August 22, 2022

Bucket list for this year

Two days back I was reminiscing about my activity filled early Bengaluru days and Ram was asking me why I am not active now and whether it was the marriage that changed me. Truth is, I had stopped doing many of those activities much before marriage, may be the day-to-day life just got in the way. And of-late, the pandemic had put some serious limitations on living the life that my heart wanted to live, and I thought it is high time I do something about it. So, I have decided to start living my bucket list by taking at least one step towards my goals every day. 

I do have a much bigger bucket list, but I thought of taking a subset to be completed in a year. I am just listing down few of my bucket list ideas and examples as inspiration if any of you want to create your own cool bucket list. Most of my list is based on things I am reluctant to do (like interacting with strangers) or to nudge me to do things I used to do earlier (photography, art, volunteering etc.) Basically, try new things, take a risk, overcome a fear, accomplish a task, pamper yourself - all tiny steps towards a more well-rounded you. Some of it might need some planning, some will only take a few hours out of our day, but at the end of the year, when we look back at all that we have accomplished, it will be worth it. So, make a list of the things you would really like to do and promise yourself to get started on one task each week. 

  1. Invite someone new to go for a coffee.
  2. On holiday, take a photo of ten strangers and try to get a little story or snippet to go with each.
  3. Ask a senior citizen, to tell you about what it was like when they were young
  4. Meet a Blog Reader in person (Anyone game? Of course, my treat)
  5. Give lots of (genuine) compliments. If you have a nice thought about someone, let it out!
  6. Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger 
  7. Become a mentor to someone younger than you.
  8. Take all old books and magazines to a local waiting room, for others to read
  9. Clean out your closet, donate everything you have not worn in the past year to charity.
  10. Declutter ten items
  11. Volunteer for a day
  12. For a period, a week, a month, or all year, only shop locally. Purchase free-range, ethical, and fair-trade goods, buy from independent retailers, at farmer’s markets and give handcrafted creations as presents.
  13. Pick a random novel from a bookshop. Read the first paragraph. Do something (anything) triggered by those words.
  14. Grow a Beautiful Garden
  15. Take an art class. (May be
  16. Make a scrapbook of a memorable occasion 
  17. Take the camera with you for an entire day and capture everything and anything that takes your interest
  18. Every day of a week, capture a moment of your day with a drawing or painting
  19. Create a piece of art & sell it
  20. Print and display the digital photos 
  21. Make a new website
  22. Make someone a birthday or celebration cake.
  23. Surprise Someone
  24. Take photos of ten favorite corners of your home.
  25. Visit your elementary teacher 
  26. Get back in touch with an old friend
  27. Write a handwritten letter to someone
  28. Get a professional body massage
  29. Book a meditation or yoga retreat
  30. Organize a professional photo shoot
  31. Create a family logo/monogram
  32. Run a marathon
  33. Take an academic course
  34. Clear credit card
  35. Take a vacation from the world for a day. Turn your cell phone off.
  36.  Keep a diary of all your thoughts and feelings. Write every time you feel like it.
  37. Visit a different country
  38. Go on a drive in an area nearby that you do not know well. Explore hometown like a tourist.
  39. Sleep under the stars. 
  40. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day
  41. Take a coastal road trip 
  42. Take the train journey through a scenic route
  43. Visit a new tourist attraction 
  44. Do a tour you have never done before
  45. Stay in a unique hotel
  46. Go on a girls only trip
  47. Stay up all night talking
  48. Go on a wildlife safari 
  49. Explore scenic biking trails
  50. Finish a classic novel
  51. Plant ten trees
  52. Make a list of everything that you have done and take yourself out to dinner to celebrate your accomplishments.


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