Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bugged by 'Size 0' bug!!

Na don't be mistaken. I'm definitely not bitten by this bug. But the problem is all the wardrobe items seems to be obsessed with that. Don't be surprised. Listen to my story and you will understand. It's been 1.5-2 years since I have done any cloths shopping and when I did it recently,I was in for a shock. My regular size doesn't fit me anymore and even 2 sizes higher seems to be 'just' fit. First I thought the manufactures have changed the standard. But then I realised that the problem reoccurred even with my old wardrobe items. All of them seems to have lost oodles of weight!! How else can I explain the phenomenon that all of my tops/kurtha's turned itself to the retro Bollywood style (remember the body hugging kurtha's that made u wonder how the heroine managed to get into it and finally you concluded that the tailor would have stitched it directly on her body) and my old comfortable jeans doesn't allow me to breath anymore? Some of my salwars are also trying to follow suit but luckily they haven't succeeded yet - may be because of their low metabolic rate. Anyway thanks to these loyal salwars, I was somehow managing till now but I'm doomed in special cases where you are supposed to wear a team T-Shirt or a saree for an ethnic day. I can't wear a T-Shirt on a salwar or saree without a proper fitting blouse. And my teammates doesn't believe the story of my wardrobe having shrunk and I have to bear the brunt of betraying the team and face the consequences :(

So I was thinking of two different solutions

1) An end to end wardrobe replacement with the new standards. But it's a tough decision in this recession time and also I need to make sure the new set is not 'size 0' obsessed.

2) Second solution is something where I should change according to the situation. In Malayalam we say it as 'naadodumbo naduve ooduka'. But I have no idea HOW I can achieve this (although last 3 weeks of in and out of hospital have given me some hope). Issue is I want to do it NORMALLY. That is you are not supposed to tell me crazy things like "Avoid fried food" or "Don't even think of chocolates" or worse "Exercise Daily"

Does anyone have any other 'workable' solutions?


Mahalingesh said...
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Mahalingesh said...

:) cycling
:) more chatting with friends

Jeseem said...

search for that perfect cloth in the malls. a few days walking in the mall should do it.
nice post .. very funny

~mE said...

first of all you havent shopped for more than 1.5 years...thats something Impossible for me. Every time i see my messy wardrobe i tell myself enough but again im in malls i go buy :))

Last time i was in shoppers stop i saw this really pretty top i tried medium it was tight and i tried large it was too loose i was like what the heck :) Time to loose weight :)

i do a light workout at home (Suryanamaskara) and i have lost 1.5 kgs in about 5 weeks :))
So if suryanamaskara works for you try it out :)

mathew said...

not shopped for clothes for 1.5 years...thats a really long time!!:-O

falling sick is the best way to lose weight..i lost 3 kilos with just one fever!:-D
I hope no docs read this...

Anonymous said...

seeing the title ... for a second .. i thought!!! u too ... then realized its only ur wardrobe which has gone size '0'

hmmm ... i know its a bad problem to solve ... and i faced it while shopping for my marriage :(

btw ... trekking regularly (say, every weekend) mite be an option ;-)

Anonymous said...

these clothes do it out of spite, don't they? :)

Vadapoche said...

I'm impressed that you managed 1.5 years without shopping, didn't know that it was actually possible.

Have the same wardrobe problem, so have started playing badminton, don't know if it is helping get the right shape but it is a lot of fun!

Usha said...

stick pictures of chocolates and ice-creams and all kinda yummy food in your closet.
hopefully, the inmates in there might dump their size zero obsession and convert into becoming foodies, which should take care of your problem. :) teehee..

btw, dhanya, very unhealthy thing,this one is.. i mean not shopping for clothes for this long??! :o
for me, shopping for clothes is therapeutic.. i'll probably end up with a nervous breakdown or something if I stay away from it for so long.. really.

on a totally different note: if you plan for a wardrobe revamp, go for cotton clothes with lycra n stretch jeans. pretty accomodating and highly considerate clothing. :)how nice!

Amal Bose said...

a girl shopping for the first time in 2 years... its hard to believe. :-)
i think just walking or playing during free time will do the trick.. or use the stairs instead of the elevators like that in the commercial..

Dhanya said...

@ Mahalingesh : wow yeh I love cycling. But where to is the problem. But yeh I'll keep this in mind and find a way :) and I guess if I try the second option all my friends will run away :P

@ Jeseem : yeh yeh I know. You should have put it as "Do shopping for guys clothes with a choosy guy"

@ ~mE : I'm also an impulsive buyer. But due to various reasons it's quite sometime since I have actually roamed around in malls or commercial street !!! I'm sure the moment I go out there will be loads of packets in my hands :P
Yeh I do try yoga but not regularly. Now that there is a testimonial, I should be more regular with that :)

@ mathew : Yeh I know it's long. That's why I started and was in for a shock :)
In fact I have also lost 3-4 kgs now and is in a better position. Hopefully it won't come back again :)

@ sandeep : ha ha me and size 0? no way.. unless 0 is double it's standard size :D
Organize a trek every weekend. I'll join. But make sure it's on flat ground. No climbs :P

@ Sini : I swear.. Poor me na?

@ JollyRoger : Even I didn't think it's impossible, but yes it is possible :)
I used to play before but when I did it after a long gap realized I had lost all the stamina. But Instead of bringing it up I dropped the playing habit completely. May be I should restart.. Thanks for reminding :)

@ usha : he he that's a brilliant idea gal.. wow why didn't I think of it myself :P now I'm saved ;)
Yeh I also used to shop a lot. Then my wardrobe started overflowing and I decided to kick the habit for sometime. Later the 1 year sabbatical came. So now it's quite long.. think I shouldn't delay it more :)

@ AMAL BOSE B.S : You have to believe it although 1 year was more by rituals than by choice.
I do try small small stuff but I guess my input (read chocos n fried food) is much more than that is actually getting burned everyday :(

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

dont look at me.. i gave up weight loss programs wayyyy back.. the mind is weak, the tummy is strong :)

anN-series said...

i am reading this and remembering my lunch over the past 2 days- cheese sandwich, pizza and butter sandwich :~(

Bindhu Unny said...

ha ha ha! Retro bollywood style - we used to call it Asha Parekh style.
Can't offer advice on losing weight as I never tried. :-)

Santosh said...

Most people in my friend circle whom I have seen losing weight have been way too 'humble' to tell me that 'It happened just like that...'

So, I am starting to think that it is a highly guarded secret to talk about.... LOL

Jayashankar said...

I have an "Oushadam",but please try this only on a friday.By Monday you will lose a lot of weight.

The good news is you can eat anything before and after you serve this.So,dont you worry about dietin.Please get in touch if you stock.

Dhanya said...

@ Dr Roshan R : Ha ha exactly. Seeing your weight meter in the site,I thought u are on track. Good to know there are more like me :)

@ anN-series : If it's only once no probs. but for me that's not the case :(

@ Bindhu Unny : Looks like you are on the other side of the river :( Lucky ones!!

@ Santosh : hmm I promise to tell u if I ever found out :)

@ Eashwar : is it some purgative? Then No Thanks :)

Cris said...

Restitch your clothes to make them fit :D
That always works for me after I get tired of failing the lose-weight-strategies.

Dhanya said...

@ Cris : That's my option 1 na.. Not so effective :(

Ajit J said...

very nice and funny, with the comments, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)