Monday, January 12, 2009

Me too,me too ;)

I have mentioned before that I like photography and some of you had encouraged me giving comments in my photoblog and/or flickr. So far I was having an Olympus PoS camera and most of the snaps were from that.. But now equipment wise I'm a semi-professional :)

Yes I OWN a D90 + 18-200 VR lens now. I'm so excited - just like a child who got a new toy.. :) But I very well know owning a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer,only a Nikon owner :P So next step is trying to figure out how to use the cam.. So far I have never bothered about the technicalities involved in clicking a picture. I even used to debate that too much of technicality tampers your creativity. But today while taking the pictures(rather trying to take pictures), I realized that the DSLR doesn't give you the desired output 'easily' like the good old user-friendly PoS. So now I don't have an option other than learning the basics :( Let me take baby steps and start the journey.. Wish me luck please :)


Santosh said...

Congratulations - On 2 things.

1. Taking that next step :)
2. Welcome to the Nikon DSLR owner's club... LOL

There is a wealth of information in Digital Photography School -

I learned quite a bit of "techniques" from there...

Bindhu Unny said...

Try 'making history' with your D90:-)

anN-series said...

i also bought a Nikon thinking i will become a fotographer...but i only ended up being a nikon owner :~(

congrats on the new cam! waiting to see new improved pics!

Usha said...

wowie!! :)
congrats, girl!

and best wishes on becoming a photographer! :)

Sadhana said...

Hey chechi..

Congrats!! Good Luck!! Expecting some more good photos from u as always!! :)


Anonymous said...

good good good.. :)

BHATTA said...

All the best.. Welcome to the league of DSLR ;)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Good going.
May The Force Be With You



"I'm so excited - just like a child who got a new toy.. :) "
--Every word here is true.I could see the gleam in your eyes when you told us that you got a new camera.
(but sorry I could not respond back with same excitement as at that time I did not know what a D90meant!! )

My situation is similar to that of the workers in "Wrong man in Workers paradise" who fail to understand why anyone would shell out a bomb amt for taking pictures : that had no meaning and no purpose at all !!!

Now that you have bought it,you have 2 things TODO :
1. Show me the camera.
2. Prove me that pics taken from the new one is atleast 10 times better than your old faithful Olympus.

Hope to see more sensational photos from the new GOLDEN EYE !!!

Manoj Prabhakaran said...

That's some expensive toy that you got! Is it the Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens? That should serve you well for a long time, I'd imagine. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Congrats... i hav seen ur early piks, they were gud, nw as u r looking through even bigger nd better lens, i guess gud is nt enough......... so al the best 4 bcomin the best

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. To me, anything that can click and flash is a camera! But I know this means a lot for you! So all the very best dear!


mathew said...

Hope to see flickr getting updated with more has been idle for long!;-)

Dhanya said...

@ Santosh : Thank you thank you :) Yeh I need to read a lot. But now the first priority is to get to know the controls. Me yet to get a hang of it :(

@ Bindhu Unny : he he I guess that will take time.. Not now :)

@ anN-series : As of now even I'm only a Nikon owner :( So we'll learn together(combined study :P) Btw Which cam do you have?

@ usha : Thank you dear :) And as I said I'm not yet a photographer ;)

@ Sadhana : Thank you girlie.. Yeh hopefully will take some 'good' photos :)

@ Sini : Thank you n waiting for you to join the club :)

@ BHATTA : Thank you Bhatta :) Hope I can get some tips from you..

@ Nikhil Narayanan : Thank you.. Me too hope so :)

@ Praveen : OMG please don't make my life so miserable by reminding me of the bomb that I shelled out :( Cam sure I'll show you.. The second point is will take some time.. at least till I get the hang of the cam controls :(

@ Manoj Prabhakaran : Yeh I know it's an expensive toy :( Yes it is a Nikkor lens. It is a good all purpose lens for everyday photography :)
And thanks a lot for coming by.. It's a privilege :)

@ Devil Incarnate : Wow that's really a compliment.. Thanks a lot and yeh I'll try my best to keep up the expectations.. In fact that is one prob in having the SLR. Expectations will be much high ;)

@ Cris : ha ha don't worry gal.. I was in the same state a few years ago.. And it changed after I started watching my friends operate their huge equipments and long lenses..:)

@ mathew : yeh surely I'll go back to flickr once I'm confident abt my own photography :)

Vadapoche said...

Congratulations!!! Liked the pic!

Anonymous said...

ayyo .... was not following the blogworld for a while ... saw this post only now.

i have no comments since u jumped into the nikon gang :(((

Mishmash ! said...

Dhanya, I understand what you mean by "just like a child who got a new toy " ours came in the box just two days back.....and now when i read ur latest post about attending Kalyan's workshop, i wish we could attend one too....! It is so much effective than learning from books and trial and error...

anyway, will check ur photoblog often to see ur work....:) happy clicking :)

Dhanya said...

@ JollyRoger : Thank you Thank you :)

@ sandeep : he he I have always told you I'm a hardcore Nikon fan. No compromise there :)

@ Mishmash : Wow you too..Good Good :) Which model? I have always appreciated the pics in your blog n now it 'll be even better :) Yeh attending the workshop was so useful. Over the years there are many things that I tried to read. But this was crisp and to the point :)

ZB said...

congratulations and all the best :))