Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me and my addictions..

The moment I blissfully retire into my cocoon, my fellow bloggers conspire to pull me out of it :( Latest culprit is Usha who has asked me to list down my addictions. Do I really look addicted? hmmmm...

1) Internet : What else can take the No 1 position? This addiction is eating up all my time and even hindering many other creative things that I used to indulge in before. So I am fighting to overcome this. Although I am not that successful in the mission at least I'm not showing any withdrawal symptoms ;)

2) Junk food : Give me anything junk - chocolates, burgers, pizzas, fried stuff,.. I will happily replace any meal with this. Now if u ask is that the reason why I'm bloating up - Not at all. That's hereditary :P

3) Hoarding : Anyone remembering my pandora box ? Although as I grew up there are some slight changes to the things I hoard, the habit more or less remains the same :) The problem with this addiction is that over a period of time it consumes lot of space both in the real and virtual world (what else do u expect with digicams and loads of downloads). Moreover it's taking lot of my time and energy to clean up the spaces.

4) Procrastination : Something that I hate in myself :( Even if I decide to get over this addiction and take up things early enough, Parkinson's Law "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion" comes into effect. So invariably I finish the task just before it's meant to be finished. Then it's time for the next guilt - I took up longer time than needed for the task :)

5) Constancy : This is inspired from Usha's addiction. She seems to be addicted to change where as I am just the opposite. Change in any form is not my cup of tea :) I had written a whole post on how much I hate change here and so no need of any further explanation :)

That's all that I could think of in the time line that I have allocated to myself (Refer point 1). Now you thought I will let you read mine and get away with it? No way. I am passing the baton to everyone who commented in the previous post :)


Usha said...

:) Thanks for taking up the tag, girl! :) As always, loved reading it.

Guess I had missed out on your post on Change. Made a comment there. You do make a point. It's always so comforting to run back to something constant.. As much as we know that everything's constantly changing, whether one likes it or not, but still, we all need something constant to fall back on. :)

Prakinson's law?! teehee.. guess my new manager knows it very well! so he gives me very very stingy deadlines! :(

Hoardings? wow! that must be nice..

n the next time you go out to hog on junk food, gimme a call! :D

mathew said...

bingo with internet(esp wiki/blogs)...though i have had a serious outlook change with junkfood which i used to die for back home...but ever since I have been here I dont miss a chance for regular seriously tired of burgers!!;-D

Vadapoche said...

Hey can relate to a few of your list, guess the list will grow when I actually think about it earnestly

Jayashankar said...

I am addicted to internet as you are,also i hate change

I have missed your previous tag..sorry...taking this up as this is easier and desperately want to write something.

Anonymous said...

Hey I had tagged you first and removed your name when I saw my first tag was still pending! Hmph!
Sweet list dear. I had added junk food but then I thought Magi covered it all :d
And woah Procrastination should have been in mine too! You dont like change? I cant join you there after happily quitting my job. Now off to your pandora box.

Dhanya said...

@ usha : Yeh it was a good tag to look into yourself :)
Change is something that I really can't take. My principle is a known devil is better than an unknown angel ;)
For me luckily I have the freedom to define my own deadlines but yeh it comes with the guilty feeling that I mentioned in the post..
And I'm always there for junk food. We'll meet up for that :)

@ mathew : yeh I can understand.. It's a serious addiction :( Yeh I also like home food but many a times when it gets boring to cook all alone I just turn to some junk food..

@ JollyRoger : Yep waiting to read your list :)

@ Eashwar : Ok no probs. Take this up then :)

@ Cris : Yeh I haven't forgotten your tag and will complete it soon :) Some how I don't like Magi that much but all others are in my list :)
Change does happen when we are not happy/comfortable in a situation. That time everyone yearns for a change. But if our surroundings are comfortable, it just shouldn't change :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... :P

~mE said...

I jotted down :)) thanks for pinging me

Anonymous said...

Did mine, ma'am.

--xh-- said...

hoarding - i know hw it is... whn i moved out of my hostel room aft 3 years, i had so much luggage that a ambassador car with even the carrier was not enough to carry the stuff.... :-D

nice set of addictions...

Anonymous said...

i somehow missed this post .... and postponed reading it after i saw ur comment that am tagged :)

hmmm ... i guess, internet shud be there in every bloggers list :) constancy was a li'l suprising to me, since i havent read ur earlier post. and how can u call chocolate junk food :)))

Alameen said...

my friend used to say,'If necessity is the mother of inventions, Procrastination is the father of innovation'.


Mana said...

Like you, even am addicted to junk food :)

Thankfully I didn't comment on last post n escaped the tag :D

Bindhu Unny said...

Was out of 'blog addiction'. Will take up the tag soon. Internet seems to be in everyone's list. :-)

ap said...

internet...yes oof...something I need to get rid of. :)

junk food...not anymore :)

PS:hurray...I didnt comment on the last post..

Uma said...

u have good blog

Bindhu Unny said...

Delayed, but done ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Where is the new post???

Dhanya said...

@ Sini : That won't do. You are not excused ;)

@ ~mE : Thanks a lot for taking it up :)

@ Sini : Good girl :)

@ --xh-- : Yeh I know how it is. I came here with just one bag of cloths and dresses. No idea how many carriers will be necessary when I decide to move out !!!
And thanks for dropping by and welcome here :)

@ sandeep : Postponing reading won't save you from not taking up the tag ;) I hope u got the point after you read the post.. n I don't mind categorisig chocolate into healty food. We can suggest making it a substiture for salads ;)

@ Alameen : Wow that was actually soothing.. I won't bother about procrastination then ;)

@ Manasa : Same pinch :P
hmm Don't worry I'll get you next time ;)

@ Bindhu Unny : Wow so there are many like me trying to get out of this addiction :) Waiting for your post :)

@ ap : Yeh think it's there in everyone's list :) Good that u got rid of junk food addiction. Me too trying.. Almost there :P

@ uma kumar : Thank you n welcome here:)

@ Bindhu Unny : Good good :)

@ Sini : Wait ;)