Sunday, June 29, 2008

A hate post!!

Usha tagged me to list five people whom I hate and I never thought I will take so much time to complete it. Honestly I couldn't think of anyone whom I really hate. Of course I am not a goody goody person, but I do try to look for the good and ignore the bad in people. It's because I believe no one is perfect and I would have much more negatives than what I find in others. As they say when you point one finger at someone, four fingers are pointing back at you.. But since I need to complete the tag I'm listing some characteristics of people that irritates me although I'm pretty indifferent to all these types and believe that even the most annoying of persons can be effectively ignored ;)

1) People who do not respect others time

I always try to be on time whenever I have an appointment or meeting and most of the time I end up waiting for others to turn up !! There are times where I have waited for 2-3 hours and had to change the entire day's plan. This is something that really drives me crazy coz I feel so helpless. You take all the pains to be on time and end up looking like a fool where as the other person just gets away with a lame excuse or a simple emotionless 'Sorry'. Unfortunately this is one case where you are at the receiving end and can't ignore like in any other situations. Anyone has any suggestions to handle this?

2) Fanatics.. irrational people

If I have no business with them I go with the live and let live policy and leave them to live in their false paradise. But if it is something that affects my work or life in anyway I do react. I try to put across my point but as the definition rightly puts it 'they just can't change their mind and won't change the subject'. That's when I really get frustrated and might even loose my temper.

3) People who 'uses' others to get what they want

I have seen this behavior in many forms. There is one category who are experts and consciously do this. If they have something to be done they will suddenly be so friendly and will be calling you or visiting you every now and then. But the moment their work is done they simply vanish into oblivion. Then there are others who tactfully tag along with someone and make sure all their expenses are borne by others. The main quality of them is that they make sure they find the apt bakra's for taking care of them. It's fine for 1-2 or 3-4 or 8-10 times. But I do get irritated if it's eternal.. In fact I am too affrighted to ask or take even small help from friends thinking I might unknowingly fall in this category :)

4) "Delicate darlings"/ People who 'act' childish

This is the one category of girls that you see around everywhere. These types will be perfectly normal in the company of girls, but the moment they see any guy in the vicinity the whole tone changes so much so that sometimes I wonder had they acted in movies, they would have definitely won an Oscar!!
And yes there is one more category of girls who thinks getting married and becoming a baby-producing machine is the ultimate goal in life. But this is minus all the responsibilities associated with a family life. They have seen all the romantic movies and believes that life is all rosy rosy just the way it is portrayed in the films. The only talk that they can sustain is about marriage or about some handsome guy 'they think' is suitable for them! Sometimes I try to put some sense into their head, but it's of no use. Here also I choose to ignore and try to be in some other meaningful company..

5) Eternal cribbers

This kind of people crib about anything and everything - work, people, family, food, infrastructure. You feel tired listening to them.. Many a times I try to change the topic but still they always manage to come back to square one. I choose to avoid them as much as I can..

Wow I am done with the five points :) Now it's time to spread the hate vibes around ;)

I tag

Sini : Would love to listen to her hate list :)
Jo : Haven't seen any new post in her blog. Let this be a trigger ;)
Eashwar : He voluntarily took up the previous tag and I would love to see him do this one also :)
Santosh : I am sure this is a surprise for you. I am just trying to change a fullstop to a semicolon :)
Nanditha : A new friend I found in the blogosphere. I like her blog..


Usha said...

-'even the most annoying of persons can be effectively ignored'

wow!! well said, girl! :)

#1:At work: If it's a meeting which is of mutual benefit, I just ping them a reminder after 5 mins or so. If there's no response, I'd just go ahead and send a postpone mail or something. But when it's for my need, then I'm usually at loss. Especially at Government offices and RTO offices n the like!

#2: you said it!

#3: I believe I'm very tactful in dealing with these folks. touchwood! :)

#4: Again touchwood for the fact that I don't see myself bumping into delicate darlings anymore.. n I almost started believing that they really ceased to exist!

#5: Oh yeah, they can bug you to death!

Good one, Dhanya! n thanks for taking up the tag! :)

Anonymous said...

1) People who do not respect others time

Reminds me of a story.. After 12th standard, a group of us friends decided to have a get-together in our tution centre at 10 in the morning. I went there at about 10.10 or so, feeling guilty I am oh-so-late.(I am usually on time. Though people seem to have a difficult time digesting it considering how unorganised I usually am..;)) After half an hour(it was the dark ages. when people did not have mobile phones) I left. I came to know later that all of them came late,like 11.20 or so, met and had a blast..! hmmm....

Santosh said...

1)People who do not respect others time ; U bet ! the most horrible lot, I put up a whole post on them.. honest

I reached your blog via usha's blog and was surpirsed to see my name in your tag list :-) Santosh is sucha a common name nai :0)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

" but the moment they see any guy in the vicinity the whole tone changes so much so that sometimes"

I HATE these kinda women.It is so its so fake !!!
Otta adi kodukkan thonnum! :D

Anonymous said...

u cudnt think of anyone whom u really hate???? either u r a saint or u got everything u wanted!

1. boy ... i just discovered that u hate me ... dont u know that "the problem with being on time is that there is no one to notice"? i think so ...

2. isnt everybody fanatic / irrational abt atleast something. i guess only the degree varies

3. ha ha ha ... the clever ones ;-) just remembered what the famous character 'Catherine Tramel' said: "I'm a writer. I use people for what I write. Let the world beware."

4. dont they make life interesting and give a lot of reasons to laugh

5. he he ... i wud stay away from these as well. its interesting to do things like trekking with cribbers :)

mathew said...

Bingo with point 1... I have a real problem with such people...esp people who make us wait and pretend as if nothing ever happened.!!

and case studies 2,3 and 5 are easily avoided because i get the idea what is coming as soon as I meet such people..

Alex Mcone said...

With you all the way on the fanatics and the fake innocent girls. Great post !

Dhanya said...

@ usha : Yeh isn't it true? A filter option on human's ;)
#1 : Most of the time it happens in a group meeting and so we need to wait for everyone. Cancelling / postponing won't work :(
#3 : I can very well identify them, but unfortunately haven't yet learned to deal with them effectively.. :(
#4 : In fact when I was studying I never knew such species exists. I was so fortunate to have very sensible friends. But then I'm seeing more of them at work or other such 'professional' environment!!

@ Sini : Oh that's sad. One way mobiles are good that you can inform, but many ppl take it as an excuse also. They assume, if they inform they can make the other person waiting !!

@ Santoz : Thanks a lot for coming here :) N yeh I read ur post and happy to know that there are more suffering souls like me :)

@ Nikhil Narayanan : hehe anpilleer adi kodukkaan illaathoondaa ingane ;) On a serious note I don't think guys could really make out this metamorphosis.. It's so natural ;)

@ Sandeep : Definitely not and I'm no saint either. As I said I effectively ignore :P In fact I am known to get along even with the so called 'most hated' or the 'toughest' people n I just revealed the secret formula ;)
1. Grrrrrrrr then I really hate u :) I'll tell u one situation : Imagine you have planned a trek and decided to start at 4 am. Just imagine someone in your group keeping u waiting for 2-3 hrs and the whole day's plan goes for a toss? That too with an excuse like I was waiting for hot water!!!! You keep waiting n waiting (that too you have sacrificed ur sleep also) thinking they will come out in 10 mins. This has happened to me once. Now would you repeat your quote if you were in this situation?? :)
2. I don't have a problem if they are fanatic/irrational as long as it doesn't effect me. For ex. I have a friend who is obsessed with cycling and urge everyone to discard their vehicles n start cycling. Although I love cycling I can't follow his ideology as I feel cycling in a city like b'lore will do him more harm than good (pollution, congestion etc). Though we put across our point, he doesn't seem to understand and so we just let him do what he wants. But the same doesn't hold good if someone is telling me that they wrote an interface wrongly, but since they wrote it I should use it. I can't buy that at all..
3. hmm clever ones indeed!!
4. eeeee but it gets boring after sometime..
5. yeh try it ;)

@ mathew : Yeh they are really problematic :)
hmm Good that you can identify them fast :)

@ Alex Mcone : Thank you :) I am happy to know that there are much more people who shares my hate vibes :)

jj said...

thanx 4 taggin me..
but i ve already done this one!
comments on this one later...
busy like hell @ the moment

Santosh said...

I now know the gravity of the challenge that you have put on me!

And thanks for tagging me :)

A surprise for you is that I am in India since 3 weeks now & currently in Bangalore - returning this weekend. So, I may take the liberty of waiting for another week to get my hate list ready!

Anonymous said...

oops .. now that u explained #1 in terms i can understand, i vehemently ... AGREE!

Jayashankar said...

Thanks Dhanya!its a surprise,but i will take it up..always love what u write

Dhanya said...

@ jj : Oh sorry.. Now that u told me I remember uour post.. It's ok next time :)

@ santosh : Oh u in b'lore n didn't even call? Grrrr I'm adding you to my hate list :P Anyway take up the tag when you have time..

@ sandeep : Yeh I knew you would agree for this :) That's coz you are passionate about it and will always care to be on time. My point is we generally go/come late for something which we feel is not important. So people make others wait when they just don't care about them :(

Dhanya said...

@ Eashwar : Thank you Eashwar :) Waiting to read yours..

Bindhu Unny said...

You said it, Dhanya.
But these categories of people give others something to crib/tease about :-)
(First time commenting on your blog. But has been reading it for some time :-))

Mahalingesh said...

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go."

Liked this blogging trick, tag the people and go on ...

After long time... good to see you here

Santosh said...

I have spit venom with my hate list ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

Done.. :)

~mE said...

Think those are very common and general HAtes :)
chanced upon ur blog today..will RSS...nice


Dhanya said...

@ Bindu : Yeh that's also true..Just for timepass category :) Btw thanks for delurking.. Looks like I have found another travel enthusiast :)

@ Mahalingesh : he he it also helps when people r too lazy to write anything ;) Care to take this up?

@ Santhosh, Sini : Good :)

@ Sharanya : Thank you gal. Will visit you for sure :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm I thought I posted a comment here when I landed up on your blog last week. Nice blog, and anwyay that comment was too huge about agreeing with your hate-list criteria. So as I was saying, nice blog :-)

Mahalingesh said...

Thanks for tagging...

I am just not getting much time to do something to whet my appetite... soon will take it

Keep Rocking nyway