Sunday, April 20, 2008

The thief at mid-night

Time is past mid-night. Two out of three inmates of the house are mostly drowsy and is getting ready to sleep and the third one is already fast asleep.

Let's call them A , B and C. It was the time of late night ghost serials and A was very much fond of them; but never had the courage to watch them alone.. That's the reason why she made B also to sit with her while watching the serial. Both of them wanted C also to give moral support, but C didn't oblige and went off to sleep. Now that the serial is over, A and B decided to sleep although they hadn't yet gotten over the scary feeling..

Suddenly they hear some knocks from outside.
knock.. knock...knock..

They listened. It's getting repeated in pattern.
knock.. knock...knock..

Both of them clung to each other and listened.. Surely the knocks are getting repeated again
knock.. knock...knock..knock..

They woke up C
C : What's the matter?
A & B : We are hearing some sounds..

C listens. But now it is silent

C : What sounds? I can't hear anything
B : I guess it stopped when they heard us talking
A : Then let's be silent for sometime and listen


C : Stupid girlies. You watch all sorts of crap and this is the result. No more ghost serials from tomorrow..
B : No we really heard the knocks. It was real.
A : It was like someone trying to break open the door..
C : Don't be silly. It's all your imagination. I am going back to sleep. You better sleep now.

C was about to go under the blanket and then..
knock.. knock.. knock..

B : Listen. We told you

Sure enough the knock was very much distinct. Then C also joined the bandwagon and together they started interpreting the sound.

A : Is someone really trying to break into our house?
C : What else can cause such a noise in the middle of the night?
B : This house is too old. If they are trying to break the door,it will give away soon.
C : What do we do now?
A : Shall we call uncle?
(Uncle is the landlord who stays upstairs)
B : No we can't disturb them at this time. It's against the agreement.
(B is the one who first took the house and so knows about all the terms and conditions. A and C joined later and so doesn't know the history)
A : what agreement?
B : When we three girls approached to rent out the house he had asked who will help us if we fall sick in the night or so. He had told us that it will be difficult for them to take care of us as they are too old. So we said BB will help us if we need anything.
(BB is B's cousin brother who stays 10 km away)
C : hmm that's also true. Even if uncle comes he can't do anything to the thief. So shall we call BB?
A : But by the time he reaches here, the thief would have already entered :(
B : Then shall we call the 'neighbour aunty'
C : Yeh that's a good idea. That uncle and their son would be able to handle the thief.
A : Fine. We 'll call them then. But what's their no?
C : We don't know :( We never thought of getting their number as the house is too close.
B : Oh my God. Now what to do? We can't open the door to go and call them.

Suddenly neighbour's gate opens and someone enters their house which means the neighbours are still awake, much to the delight of the girls. The thought that if they scream someone will come for help gave the girls some courage.

C : We'll do one thing. We 'll just go to the back and check what the thief is doing. We'll call for help when we see him.
A : Are you sure you want to do that? I will faint if I see him.
C : It's ok. Anyway we can't go to sleep allowing him to break open our door. So do or die.
B : Yes that's better..

So the girls slowly opened the bedroom door.
Knock.. Knock.. Knock..
The sound is getting louder.

A : Has he already entered the house? I am getting a feeling that the sound is coming from inside and not outside
B : Even I am getting that doubt now
C : We will see. Let's get in to the kitchen
They reached the kitchen and sure enough the sound became louder.
B : Thank God the sound is coming from outside.
C : Yes the thief is in the courtyard just outside our back door I guess

C opened the door to idanaazhi and lighted the lamp in the courtyard.
Suddenly the knocking stopped.

B : I guess the thief realized that we are awake and stopped breaking the door.
C : Guess so but what do we do now?
B : I am getting scared. Shall we call BB before opening the door.
C : But he can't reach immediately anyway. We have to deal with it ourselves
A : Yes we'll open the door and scream. That'll fetch the neighbours and we will be saved.
B : Just for security, I will take the kitchen knife too.
C : Ok fine but we can't do anything with it. We'll call the neighbour uncle and that's the best option.

With that C opened the door sure enough the thief was right out there.. Trying to get out and not in!!!

A rodent who got caught in their waste basket and struggling to get out..


Amey said...

Reading this, the first thing I thought was: that uncle is a very wise man :D

mathew said...

hahaha..nothin beats thief incident which happened at my cousins place...this thief was drunk that he felt asleep in the bedroom and the police was called up in the meantime who woke him up to take him 'home'!

neway good that you had harmless adrenalin rush with rodent attacks!!;-P

Anonymous said...

hi hi hi :) which one are u? A? B? or C?

Anonymous said...

pavam eli.. ;) moonnu bheekarikal aayudham okke eduthondu!!!

Anonymous said...

One small detail missing...
Did you actually scream? :)

Mahalingesh said...


Dhanya said...

@ amey : Yeh he indeed is a very wise man :)

@ mathew : Oh my God. That's hilarious.. See what alcohol can do :)
harmless adrenalin rush? yeh kind of true :)

@ sandeep : Who said I'm there in the first place :P

@ sini : eliyoodu aarengilum paathiraathri 3 penpilleer taamasillunna veettil chellaan paranjo?
n unfortunately no more details available :D

@ mahalingesh : Thank you :)

Jayashankar said...

evanu banglorilengilum mariyadekku mooshiken elladathum orupole,evan modern alla!

Nikhil Narayanan said...


Aake prasnam aayi kaanum pedichittu ;)

Have Dhairyam101 tablet. It is available at the nearest chemist store. Ente peru paranjaal mathy, discount kittum ;)

Anonymous said...

Second time here, and I love your blog!!

This post reminded me of my time in hostel in Tvm - when we A,B,C used to stay wide awake to catch the thief, esp after a drunkard broke into our hostel!!!

Usha said...

aagh.. this reminded me of my hostel days too..
I've been the 'C' a couple of times. Only, A & B thought it would be wiser to not wake me up to add up to the torture!! :))

even we used to have theif visits in there, n we had also fondly named him 'kallettan'.. no, really!! :D

on a serious note,always keep the phone numbers of your neighbours handy. staying alone for many years now in different Indian cities, this is one of the 1st things in my list when I move into a new place.

Sreejith Panickar said...

Interesting blog D! Good template as well....

ap said...


Did the thief manage to escape????????

Sadhana said...

Ah what a suspense story!! :) When did u become such a story writer? :)
Anyways nice one.. Me Back to ur blog after a loong time!!

Indian Madder said...

Lolzzzz.... hilarious!! You shoulda included the part on what happened when you actually saw the thief! :-D

Indian Madder said...

Btw it's my first time here. Been gng thru a few of your older posts...nice blog and nice template! :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

edanazhi-il oru eli-katha!! :D You built up the suspense well.

Dhanya said...

@ Eashwar : aa athanne.. enthaa cheyya eleede cheviyil veedam oodeettu kaaryam illallo :P

@ Nikhil Narayanan : ayyada.. itra dairyam aayi paathiraathri kallane pidikkaan pooya pillaare patti aano ee parayunnathu? kashtam kashtam.. pinne ee Dhairyam101 tablet nammal divasam ethrennam vechaa tattunnathu? allaathe pidichu nilkaan raksha illalle :D

@ Shams : Thanks a lot dear..:) n keep coming.. see girls r also brave :)

@ Usha : ha ha here A n B didn't have the guts to handle the thief alone n so woke up C :P
yeh we learned it the hard way. Next day itself we got the number of the neighbours. :)

@ Sreejith kumar : Thank you n keep visiting :)

@ ap : Unfortunately yes.. But he didn't visit again.. may be he got scared :D

@ Sadhana : he he even I don't know :P n should I say welcome back? hmmm

@ Zahra : Thank you :) Think that's better left to the readers imagination ;)
Thanks a lot for coming here :)

@ ps : he he angane oru elikkadha pirannu :P The suspense was not intentional. Just narrated it the way it actually happened :P

Usha said...

FYKI: Lady, you've been tagged! :)

Anonymous said...

haha!! u poor things. at least there wasnt much of a backlash from the ghost serials.

CandidConfessions said...

Aww.. poor lil rodent!! Hope he got away!

Richy said...

Nice one [:)]

Mahalingesh said...

Are you in jail ;)

Dhanya said...

@ usha : yes girl I'll take it up.. Soon.. :)

@ amooma : Yeh but the craze for ghost serials stopped after that ;)

@ Candid Confessions : Yeh it got away.. To put it in another words- A , B or C were not brave enough to handle a thief themselves :D

@ Richy : Thank you :)

@ Mahalingesh : OMG!!! What did I do to deserve jail ?