Sunday, March 16, 2008

Introducing Vignette

As I have mentioned before, I am a shutter bug and love clicking pictures of anything and everything. I used to post pictures in flickr which is a fantastic place to hang around and lots and lots to learn.. But flickr free account holds only 200 photos and my limit was over sometime back. Many people asked me to take a pro account for unlimited storage and continue posting there itself. It is not costly either considering all the benefits it provides. But I didn't want to go for one as I feel a pro account comes with a class of it's own and I am in no way eligible for that.. But sometime later when I am confident enough I might go back there ;)

In the meantime, I was thinking of an alternative and checked out some other photo hosting sites and blogger was also in that list. Unfortunately blogger doesn't have any decent photoblog template and although I tried to create one myself, didn't have much luck. So left it at that and even forgot about the same. But few days back I realized there were visitors to that test site that I had abandoned and many even left nice comments. So I decided to revive it and make it my photo blog :)

So here I am "officially" publishing my photo blog ;)

And a bit about the kind of photographs that you might find there : I have described the site as "My desperate attempts to stop a moment from running away.." and that's what it will be. I don't experiment much technically and so please don't expect any technically good snaps. I click anything that looks good to my eyes.. However I do appreciate your comments to improve my skills. So feel free and be ruthless in criticizing; that's the only way for me to learn and improve.. :-)

Btw the template reviving part was not so easy as I have absolutely no idea about html or xml. Anyway I hope, I have managed to come up with something with which I can start off. There are still lots more to do and I have no idea how to proceed :(

Some of my requirements are
- exif data extractor (there should be some tools/scripts available as most photoblogs seems to be having it)
- a broader page width and in turn a broader post width (this seemed easy but I couldn't find the correct parameter)
- An automatic thumbnail that link to the newer and older post like in aminus
Currently I need to add the thumbnail manually. I have a feeling it should be possible as there is a widget to get the newer and older posts. So there should be a way to change that to take the thumbnail as well. But it's only my assumption. Have no idea whether it'll work.

Any experts out there to help me out?


Anonymous said...

congrats dhanya :)

and yeah ... a new template here as well ...

Alex Mcone said...

Wish I could help you on the template since you've done such a wonderful job here.

All the best with your new blog !

Dhanya said...

@ Sandeep : Yeh thanks :)

Yeh in my search for photoblog template I liked this one.. But lost all my links :( Have to recreate..

@ Alex Mcone : Thank you :) But there are lots more to do to make it a proper photoblog :(

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Hey!! Good job with the template.
oru chodyam-ee Chinese sundariye maatti valla naadan sundari aayirunnengil...would be take :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, the new look is cool..:)

Jayashankar said...

Congts Dhanya!It looks cool...
I made an attempt.kolamayi...

Hoarse Whisperer said...

Nice blog :)

Vadapoche said...

Wow nice! Cool template too.

hope and love said...

check my blog for two pics by an expert..

Dhanya said...

@ nikhil : This is a ready made template n not that I designed.. So not much choice of the sundari ;)

@ sini : Thank you :) vivaram ullavar design cheithaal ingane irikkum :)

@ eashwar : ente photoblog kolamaayi irikkaa.. ithu readymade aayoondu kuzhappam illa :)

@ Gopi Rajaseharan : Thank you n thanks a lot for the visit :)

@ JollyRoger : Thank you :)

@ hope and love : Yeh 'll check it for sure..

Mahalingesh said...

Changed the attire of your blog!
'Lonely' was nice picture !

Dewdrop said...

Nice template and pics :)

Pri said...