Sunday, December 16, 2007

What's their crime?

They could have been like any other children but for one reason – they are refugees from Sri Lanka. These are students of IGIA and should I add a school that barely manages to survive.. 370 kids, most of them orphans, live and study in the same place. Lunch is provided by ISCON but breakfast and dinner is always a question mark. They don't have electricity for years (they owe 10 lakhs to BESCOM!!) They are even discouraged from talking with anyone from outside or venturing out..The gates remain locked.. Like any other kids of their age they would also have dreams about life after school, hopes of a better future.. But the only thing I see in their eyes is a sense of frustration and longing.. When will their miseries end?


Anush said...

instead of askin a question, u shud give an answer. can u?

i gess the best way we can help is by creating awareness. wat else?

CandidConfessions said...

I second that.. It is nice though that so many people are writing in blogs.. But then there is more to be done..

Usha said...

Isn't that sad?
I hope something will improve this new year.
Wish you a happy new year.

sumanth said...

its sad . But sometimes I feel we can find such children right next to our door and go unnoticed. I wonder what I could do for them , but I never get a answer

Dhanya said...

@ crazybugga : How I wish I had the answer :( And I am not sure what type of awareness is needed. If many people write about it, probably they will get sponsorships to quench their hunger. But beyond that? These are the children fleeing violence when the humanitarian crisis in Tamil areas of Sri Lanka are continuing to grow. Most of them have lost contact with their family and doesn't think they'll meet again! When the peace talks are getting derailed (and is a never ending story), it's these children who are affected the most. Can they rebuild their lives all over again?

@ Priyanka : The problem is just not poverty. They live with so many restrictions. They can't move out of their compound , not enough teachers ,.. Though they have a nice compound, police have restricted all sports activities fearing they are training to be terrorists !!!
Check this link

@ usha : Yes I also hope it will improve.
Thank you for the wishes and wishing you also a fantastic year ahead :)

@ Sumanth : There are lots that can be done. What we call the Power of One is immense.. You just need to identify your potential :)
Btw Thanks a lot for the visit :)

Unknown said...

Its really sad to see kids growing up in shell like that...I just had a great time with my kid cousins this weekend and reading this makes one feel really bad for the kids of the same age suffering in this way. Solution may be complicated, but every kid deserves a good life to turn out to be a good human being...hope people become aware of this and don't turn a blind eye for once.

Dhanya said...

@ rockus : Yes it indeed is a sad situation.. But as individuals there is very less than we can do except try to be with them n boost their morale..