Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A giant leap!!

Today I did the unthinkable - I let some of my friends know about my blog and sent them this link.. Well, its unthinkable coz now I am nervous.. This was my cosy corner where I could write whatever i wanted,but it won't be possible anymore..

But I think I really had to do it this time.. I had attempted to start a blog so many times and never got past 2-3 posts.and worst part is now I don't even remember those blog address/addresses !!! I hope one day reading a blog I feel ""oh cool this person really writes like me or thinks exactly like me" and then, it turns out to be like "Oh my God I only wrote this some few months back !!! "

Anyway here I go again.. By letting people know I hope I'll be motivated to be a regular blogger and this time I have bookmarked my blog - so hopefully I wont forget about it or even if i forget atleast my friends might remind me ;)

So lets see wait and see how this works out..


Jeseem said...

u r a natural.
only no one goading u to write. good u told ur friends. now they can pester u to post.

so when is the next one ?? :)

Dhanya said...

Thank you Jaseem for your visit and comments :)

hmm my next post - actually there was one more post after this. But once I read it again I felt it is too personal n deleted it.. Guess I'm yet to get over my insecurities ;)

Santosh said...

impressive, no frills and to the point. Awaiting the next one :)

Dhanya said...

Thank you Santu for your visit and comments..
And keep watching this space.. sometimes I might feel like posting something ;)